Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tea Partay - Tia

So I am slightly youtube happy, as evidenced by the number of videos on the blog. But I can't help it. There seems to be no end to the junk you can find on there.

Now I initially saw the following video on TBS' funniest commercials of 2006 show. And since just about anything you see on television can eventually be found on youtube, I immediately went and found it.

People have been whining about the video being derogatory to black folks. First off, not all black rappers act like the guys in the video. Actually, I don't know any rappers who act like the New England gangstas. Second, it's not like they're any more ridiculous than some of the other stuff that I have seen on BET or MTV. I personally am not offended in the least. This mess is FUNNY. My favourite part is during the breakdown at the end: in cursive. It will make sense once you watch it.

But I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think I should be offended? Are you? Please know, if you are offended this may not be the site for you. And know that I will continue to find this funny. Holla back

Friday, December 29, 2006

Let's Stay Together - Tia

You know, if I based my faith in relationships solely on celebrity marriages I would think that no one can stay together.

I'm not going to lie to you, I was REALLY shocked to hear about Michael and Juanita Jordan. For one thing, they seemed genuinely happy even with the rumours of MJ's infidelity. (I heard some stuff about Ananda Lewis. But you didn't hear it from me.) And another thing, I heard that they had an IRON CLAD pre-nup. I mean like a, "you leave me and you leave with nothing but the clothes on your back" kind of pre-nup. But you never know. I'm sure it will all come out in the end. Some big messy divorce will subsequently be splashed all over the paper. Man, I guess SEVENTEEN years of marriage just doesn't mean what it used to.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Home - Tia

I want to come home. Maybe it's the holiday or maybe it's because I've been able to be around my family for the last few days but I want to come home. My brother came to visit me last week and we had a GREAT time. I had to bow up on a fast little girl that was trying to be in his life but other than that it was good times....I actually cried when he left. After he left for my mom's I caught a plane to my dad's. And now, I don't want to get back on that plane to LA on Friday.

I know I haven't been in LA for that long but it just doesn't feel like home. I want to give it a chance. I really do. But thus far with my work schedule and my insanely long commute I haven't been able to. The few times that I have been out it still feels like I'm visiting. And I'm starting to wonder, if you weren't born and raised in Southern California will the city ever feel like home?

I've been in Atlanta for the past few days and like always I love it. I love the southern accents and the food and just the city in general. I love that I can get back from the airport in 25 minutes or less even though it's almost 30 miles away. LAX is about the same distance from my house in LA and it took me an hour and a half to get there last week. Damn 405. Even though the Olympics made Atlanta this huge booming metropolis, the city still some how managed to keep it's southern appeal. They call it the new south, whatever that is. Now don't get me wrong, Atlanta, like any other city on earth has it's problems. From what I understand it is the down low capital of the country. There is still covert and some not so covert racism in the city. A woman in the mall parking lot actually locked her doors when she saw me coming. I guess the the J.Crew pea coat and iPod led her to believe that I would car jack her for her JEEP LIBERTY...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And like many other big cities the housing market is slowly working it's way toward being unaffordable for the working class.

But even with all of it's problems I still love it here. West Egg Cafe makes the best red velvet cupcakes. Little 5 has some of the most amazing shopping. And the city as a whole has something that I'm sorely missing in LA: Southern Hospitality. I have heard excuse me, pardon me, please, thank you, sir and ma'am more times in the last four days than I've heard in the entire 2 months that I have been in LA. My dad lives here. And it would nice to be closer to him to help out with recovery from his stroke. My best friend lives near by. The traffic is actually manageable. I could actually afford to buy a house with a yard (instead of an apartment labeled as a "condo") in the next few years as opposed to the next few decades. Basically there are a million and one reasons to move back home.

Since about a week after I hit LA soil I have begun to ask why I'm there. I know I'm supposed to be there. Everything just fell into place for me to go there. But now that I'm there I want to know why. I can honestly say that it's been a learning experience and it's only been 2 1/2 months. I have come to a point where I can honestly say that I'm not desperate to get married. The only thing I'm desperate for is to know God better, love God more and love God's people the best I can. Yeah, I still want to get married if that's what God has for me. I would love to buy a house very soon. But most of all I want to do what I was put on this planet to do. Before it was all about me. But for the first time in my Christian life I can sincerely say that it's not about me. My life isn't really mine. And if it took God moving me 2000 miles away from my comfort zone to realize that then so be it. Jonah had to rot inside a fish belly for 3 days to realize that his will wasn't the ultimate one. Sometimes God has to do really drastic things to get our attention. I'm not saying that's what my California move was but I'm not saying it's not. It could very well be that I had to get in a place where I was willing to listen to God so that he could actually speak. But who knows...?

All I can say is, right now, I want to come home.

BTW, for those who don't know, I used to live in Atlanta. Even though I lived in Nashvegas for 6 years I still consider the ATL home.

If you say you don't feel some kind of way about James Brown you's a lie. If you like Usher, Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake then you need to give James Brown his due. Today's artists are often just shameless rip offs of the great artists of the past. So when a legend like James Brown passes away it's like a part of R&B dies with him. Or in this case, R&B and funk and soul and hip-hop.

R.I.P James Brown 1933-2006
The Toni Childs Show - Tia

So I was in El Pollo Loco a couple of weeks ago getting a salad and this black girl had walked in ahead of me wearing what I have dubbed one of the standard LA outfits: Knit hat, cute top, jeans and those suede boots with the fur around the top that it never gets quite cold enough to justify wearing in LA. I didn't really think too much of it, save to wonder what is up with chicks and those boots. They just look really hot to me. Anyway, as we stood in line I realized that the girl looked really familiar. Or at least her profile did. (She was kind of standing at an angle.) I suddenly realized that it was Jill Marie Jones aka Toni Childs from Girlfriends. Of course I immediately whipped out my cell phone to text and IM Toya. I was too excited.

Toni Childs was my favourite character on Girlfriends. I would be as superficial as she was if it weren't for the grace of God. I seriously would not think of anyone but myself if I didn't have to. It's just something I struggle with. Anyway, you can imagine how bummed I was when I found out that Jill Marie Jones wouldn't be returning to Girlfriends this season. I read somewhere that Tracee Ellis Ross said, "It wasn't the Toni Childs Show". Although this was true, in my opinion the Toni storyline was the most compelling. While Joan's neurosis was cute from time to time, it began to wear thin after a while. And I liked those other two girls but I honestly can't remember anything in particular that they did. Oh wait, the one girl wrote that book Oh Hell Naw but that's about it. But frankly, without the Toni Childs character I really don't know how long the show can last. I personally haven't watched it this season.

Anyway, Jill Marie Jones is just as pretty in person as she is on the show. Even with no make-up and her hair all shoved up in her cap she's gorgeous. I normally pride myself in not being starstruck but I had to say something. So while she was getting her pico de gallo I asked if she was Jill Marie Jones. She said yes at which point I preceeded to gush and tell her how I thought she was a great actress and that I was really bummed when she left Girlfriends. She was very gracious and thanked me for being a fan.

I will say this, she's shorter in person than she looks on television. I read somewhere that she's 5'8". RIiiiiiiiight. If she's 5'8" then I'm 6 ft. She's a average height at best. And while I stood behind her I got to thinking, "the guy who played her husband must have been a medical midget. He was at least 4 good inches shorter than her." Yeah, I know I need help.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Too TOO Cute - Tia

Okay right now the biggest desire I have is to own a house in Inman Park in Atlanta. (Yes, I know I just moved to LA. Gimme a break) But after I saw this I kicked into “I want to get married and have babies” mode.

If I see this little girl on the street, I think I may be inclined to walk up on her and hug her to death. I mean is it wrong to want a little brown skinned child with plats in her hair? I think not.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Barry Gibb Talk Show - Tia

This is easily one of my favourite skits that SNL has done in a long time. For the most part I don't even watch SNL anymore. It kinda fell off a long time ago. But for some reason, every once in a great while, they seem to get it right.

This is the third version of the Barry Gibb Talk Show. It was on last Saturday. The rest can be found...where else....on You Tube.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

So About Matt Morris...

He finally has a Myspace page:

Speaking of Myspace, I would like to mention a few things. One, I swear Tia and I are some day for real going to have a BGLU page. It has been pure chaos between her moving and my dramedy of a life but we really do want to do that. I mostly want to do it because I don't add readers to my personal page anymore. This is not just to start protecting myself but my friends as well whose names we use aliases.

Secondly, Myspace is your friend. Case in point I was a little curious about a minor crush I had and decided to look him up on Myspace. A person's Myspace page says a whole lot about him. His Myspace page let me know that he was also "curious" if you know what I mean. Again ladies, Myspace is your friend.

Later (hopefully not much later. I am bursting with stuff to talk about),

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I should be in bed - Tia

Apparently I have some sort of viral infection. That would explain the 102 fever I had. I thought I was going to die yesterday. It took everything in me to just make it to the doctor's office and it's less than a mile away.

Anyway, I've been in bed for 2 days. I can't take it anymore. But I still feel like crap. I know I should be in bed. But there is just so much stuff on the web. So for your enjoyment and mine:

If this doesn't move you then we can't be friends.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Wonder in a cold medicine haze - Tia

I have some how managed to catch a cold. I'm not really sure how it happened other than being stressed as all get out and being in denial about how cold it actually gets in the Valley. I'm currently sitting here in a cold medicine haze waiting for the sun to go down so that I can take the nighttime variant of my cold medicine and go to sleep. But since I got some time I figured I would splash some more of my life across the world wide web.

I have recently had this feeling that something big is about to happen in my life. It's not an ominous feeling. It's just one of those things when I feel like I'm on the cusp of some life changing moment. I've had the feeling for a few days now which is good. Because otherwise I think I may have just chalked it up the medicine fog I'm in right now. But it's been lingering. It's like when you're blowing a balloon and you can actually HEAR the plastic getting taut and you know that if you blow too much more the whole thing is going to explode. It's like that kind of anxious feeling you get right before the whole thing pops. There is nothing in my life that would lead me to believe that something huge and unknown is just around the corner. But there is this intangible knowledge that my life is going to change is some way.

The ironic thing is that I have no idea what's going or where my life is going right now and have pretty much felt this way since I got to LA. Everyday I toy with the idea of moving back east, specifically to Atlanta, buying a house and starting over. I know I've only been here 2 months but most days I just feel lost. I miss my friends. I miss relationships that took so long to build. I miss people saying y'all. But I know I'm supposed to be here. I just don't know for what or for how long.

So frankly I'm quite excited about whatever may be about to happen. Although I have no idea what it could possibly be or even when it, whatever it is, could happen. But I have to remember:
But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise as some understand slowness
2 Peter 3:8,9

So I wait...patiently.
Un-Freaking-necessary - Tia

I had a chance to see a preview of The Holiday last night. It should come as no surprise that I wanted to go see it. Hot British guy talking for 2 hours and I want to see it...Shocker. Now I know what you're thinking. Jude Law is a known cad, philanderer and possibly a bit obsessive. I mean, how many times can you break up and make up with your ex-girlfriend? But Jude has been in my top 5 favourite Brit Boys for a long time. Besides, he said he was sorry, right???

Anyway, the movie was so cute. I really liked it. One part in particular that comes pretty early in the movie. Jude and Cameron Diaz are sitting on the couch having a moment and he kisses her. It's not the fact that he kisses her. It's the WAY he kisses her. (If you don't want to know, go ahead and something else. ) I don't know how she stood it. I lost my mind just watching it.

He took her face in his hands, (something that I absolutely LOVE. It seriously turns me to jell-o when a man does that to me.) swept her hair back and as she was anticipating the kiss, lips pierced and everything, he gently kissed her eyelid and THEN laid a tremendous kiss on her. I literally wanted to SCREAM. I had to reach over and grab my roommate. It was one of those moments when you have to make physical contact with someone so that you can regain your composure lest you lose you whole mind. The whole thing was so unnecessary. And I frankly don't know how Cameron Diaz didn't run off the set screaming and flailing about. You know Justin ain't that good. And who knows, maybe she did and it will be in the bonus features on the DVD.

All that to say, I highly recommend the movie. It's cute. Jude Law is in it. And the message I took from it is break up with him in your mind. And if you have to, kick him out of your house and your life. (It will all make sense when you see the movie.)

Friday, December 1, 2006

WHY - Tia

Why do I have the biggest crush on T.I.? He really doesn't have a whole lot of positive things to say. He's a bit on the slight side. And I'm sure I've got at least 3 inches on him. But I love that little man. I run What You Know on the regular. He is so cute and diminuitive. He will be the crush until further notice.
You'll Grow Out of It - Tia

So the west coast is definitely a culture shock. I've only been here two months so I'm still trying to get used to things. I keep waiting for it to feel like home. But for some unknown reason I find myself missing the right (as opposed to left) coast. Specifically Atlanta. Toya and I have decided to retire in Atlanta. But that's another story for another time.

Anyway, a lot of things are different here. Something in particular is the way people eat. I have met more vegetarians and vegans since I moved here. There's a guy in my office who eats NO sugar. I have no idea how he manages that. But he's lost a ton of weight since moving here. He said he and his partner just acclimated to the culture. I keep hearing that I will too. Ummm....I don't think so.

I am a southern girl. Born and bred. I come from a culture that puts meat in everything. Green beans, stuffing, cabbage...we put meat in EVERYTHING. But I've been told that that will change.

A few weeks ago I was out to dinner with my new roommate and some of her friends, one of whom is a faithful BGLU reader. I was told that after a while you just kind of get used to the lifestyle. One that is substantially less meat-filled. I smiled and nodded as I ordered stuffed sausage. The no sugar guy at work told me that he now only eats meat when he goes back home to Philly. But my favourite was when I was told that I would grow out of meat.

That's right. I was talking to this girl and she told me that I would grow out of meat. Apparently, how the theory goes, is the LA culture is one of more organic, less processed foods. Things that can be found growing in and on the earth. Meat is slightly frowned upon, as are carbs, refined processed sugar and anything with preservatives. Although, I find it interesting the liquor is darn near free flowing. You can buy X-rated (one of Toya and mine, Toya and I, me and Toya...whatever, one of our favourite liquors) at CVS. This well meaning girl went on to tell me that after a while I would grow out of meat. Hmmm....okay.

When I think of foods you grow out of, I think of breast milk, similac, canned baby food...Not so much one of the 4 basic food groups. I grew up in a culture where meat was a staple at all meals. We NEVER had foods like mac and cheese as the main course at my house. (My friends at school would tell me that they had mac and cheese for dinner and that never made since to me. Mac and cheese is a side dish. ) Meat was just a part of life. Hamburgers on the grill. Pork chops and gravy. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. There was always meat. I'm frankly quite amazed that my cholesterol is not only normal but on the low side.

So when the well meaning but some what delusional girl (delusional in that she thinks this southern girl is going to give up meat) was finished talking, I just smiled at her and said, "We'll see." Toya asked me why I didn't punch her in her face. Apparently, the growing out of meat statement was the dumbest thing she'd ever heard. And if given the opportunity Toya assures me that if she is ever in the company of this girl she's going to punch her. You wouldn't know it, but Toya has a great love and admiration of protein packed food group.

I'm off to the store. I'm barbecuing this weekend and I need charcoal. I've been dying for a hamburger of the grill. Grow out of it.....HAHAHA!!!!