Thursday, November 30, 2006

PAIN - tia

So I got my eyebrows threaded over the weekend. HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!! Why didn't someone tell me that there would be that much pain involved?

The cute little girl bounded in as I was waiting to get waxed and she explained to me why threading was better than waxing. Long term sagging or something...whatever. The pain has wiped my memory clean. But she talked me into it. I figured if I could get 4 tattoos and my wisdom teeth pulled and well, dammit just be a girl with the monthlies then I figured threading would be no problem.


THE PAIN!!!!! The cute little girl told me that I needed to relax my face. I told her that I would relax my face when she stopped hurting me. Needless to say there was little relaxing. But the mean little girl was right. My brows look great. And apparently my lids won't sag to my chest when I'm old.

For my ladies that are considering threading I recommend it if you think you can handle the pain. And if you do decide to do it, know this: the next time a guy says something about women being the weaker sex you have every right to smack the hot holy hell out of him.

Coming up next: You'll grow out off it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We'll Be Right Back-Toya

Chances are if there is ever a lull in our posting, a whole lot is going on and there is.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I can not get behind you....- tia

if this song does not move you. Now I realize that some of you are at something of a disadvantage due to the time of your conception and birth. But if you were born any time in the mid to late 70s or even the very early 80s and this doesn't move you...well frankly I just can't get behind you.

I sent this video to a friend of mine in the UK and he pretty much lost his mind. Further cementing the fact that my husband, my soulmate, my roaddog for life is English.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thursday, November 9, 2006

She's no you - Tia

I miss Toya. I have yet to read any of the posts that she's written about me leaving. I just can't take it. We have been saying for years that we need to break up. But now that life has taken us in different directions I miss her. She's my homie. Easily my best friend. She knows what pictures are on my phone. She knows what color blue is my favourite. And she knows what I mean when I say that. No one can replace her. And quite frankly I don't want anyone too.

However, I miss the closeness. I realize that the next person I'm that close to needs to be the man that gives me the 2 carat platinum ring and understands and encourages my fascination for a home pole. (If you don't get that, it's too grown for you.)

Now don't get me wrong. My new roommate is great. But she's no Toya. She's a real grown-up. I STILL sometimes feel like I'm playing in my mom's high heels. She has a wine rack. And I've seen her run in heels. She gets box seats to Clippers and Kings games. But she also doesn't quite get me yet. I made a crack about Al Sharpton and she took it seriously. I had to explain because she really seemed to take offense. And well, it's far too early to piss off the new roommate. I have to at least wait a few months for that. :)

My biggest fear is that she's never going to quite get me. For the last few weeks she thought, "I didn't like stuff." Apparently I was giving off the vibe that I just I'm not a fan of new things or things in general. I must admit I have been something of a Debbie Downer but I attribute that to my homesickness. Which by the way, I conveyed to her.

I guess what it boils down to is Toya really got me. From my schizophrenic music taste to my macabre sense of humor to my near clinical obsession with the British, she got me. I had no doubt that God called us to walk convenantly. Not in a weird way, but in a "I know God has put us together, Jonathan and David without the dying" kind of way. Frankly, I can't imagine how that can happen again until I get married.

At the very least I hope I can get some grown up pointers from the new roommie. I mean besides Beyonce, I don't think I've ever seen anyone in real life run in heels.

I know that it's an end of an era. But it doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm sad and I have the right to be. So there...

Where is everyone? - Tia

I have been so homesick. I've been in LA for about a month now and just about every other day I wish I could go back to Nashville. It's not that I don't love some aspects of LA. The weather is fantastic. The food is helping contribute to my Team Chunk status. But it's just not what I'm used to. I miss my people. (By the way I can't find any of the emails that a couple of you sent me. If you live in LA and you offered to hang out please email again. And Levi, I haven't forgotten about you.)

The other day on my way to the middle of nowhere Oregon I realized that the reason I'm probably so homesick is because I have the exact same life I had in Nashville only now I don't have my people around. It took me 5-6 years to make the friends that I had in Nashville. And it seems like the older you get the harder it becomes to make friends. When you're in school you're in something of a forced social dynamic. You spend 2-3 days a week with the same people. You have no choice but to get to know them. I think that's why there's such a social disconnect for post-college people. You do life with people for 4 years and then, BOOM! it's gone. You're in the "real" world with real grown-ups and you gotta make new friends all over again. Only this time you've got responsibilities that get in the way.

Anyway, as much as I love the idea of LA I don't yet love LA. But I have no doubt that I'm supposed to be here. And if I'm supposed to be here then I gotta believe that somehow I'm gonna meet some new "people." Some new roaddogs. Some new friends. But for now I miss y'all. And "y'all" know who you are.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

It's official - Tia

I am officially captain of Team Chunk. I got my feelings hurt the last time I went to the doctor before I left Nashville.

As my sweet Christian doctor who I've been seeing for the last 5 years flipped through my files, he began to look at me and then look in my charts. And then back at me and back at the chart. He finally looks up at me and says, lovingly mind you but still nonetheless concerned, "Soooo, you've put on X-lbs since I saw you last. What's going on?" Now I could tell by his tone that he wasn't just prying but he was genuinely concerned. And NO I'm not going to tell you how many. Just know that it was double digits.

Now, how the back story goes is I let life with the constant traveling, and depression over my crappy ex, and sadness with everything in general get the better of me. I stopped going to the gym and Krispy Kreme became a favourite hangout. Now mind you I am nowhere near the weight that I was when I left college. But I most definitely have captain status on Team Chunk.

The motto of the moment is something that I heard on a radio station here in LA. Don't talk about it, BE about it. So that's what I'm doing. I'm trying to be about it. The measurements on my comp card are a currently a bold face lie. I couldn't go to any open calls if I wanted to. And well, I'll be damned if I moved across the country and away from everyone that I love to have the same life that I had back in Nashville. At least if I try I can't say, "I shoulda, I coulda, I woulda" on down the line. I have to try and I have to put myself in a position to succeed. I have grown up watching my mother sabotage her life. And I can't live like that. Even though I love me some hot now Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

That is all. I am officially handing in my Team Chunk membership. Thank you but no thank you.


Monday, November 6, 2006

BGLU News- This just in:

Man Band Press Release

For half a decade Boy Bands ruled the airwaves, maintaining a strange hold on their bustling, female audience and just as quickly they faded from the spotlight. Now, all grown up, VH1 has decided to bring members of these teenage heartthrobs together in the new reality series "Man Band." Living together under one roof, five boy band legends includingBryan Abrams (Color Me Badd), Rich Cronin (LFO), Chris Kirkpatrick ('N Sync) and Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) will be challenged to create new music, a dynamic stage show and then perform as a new pop group -- allof which begs the question "Can lightening strike twice?""Man Band" is executive produced by Troy Searer and John Foy for TijuanaEntertainment, Tony Harding and Kennedy for Kandokid Productions and JimAckerman for VH1. Christian McLaughlin is the supervising producer andMichael Hirschorn serves as Executive Producer for VH1.

Umm, er ruh... umm... *sigh*- Yeah, I have nothing to say right now except for the usual: (altogether now) Come King Jesus and part the sky.-Toya