Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Comfortable- Toya

I have been kidding a lot lately referring to John Mayer as "My Pastor John Mayer" much like I refer to India Arie as my play cousin. If you have never heard Comfortable, do yourself a favor and at least read the lyrics. It is hands down one of the best written songs of all time.

I am sitting in Tia's and my old condo as she packs and is talking to her new roommate on the phone. I am on the floor, missing our old couch, listening to Kenny Loggins' Outside:from the Redwoods. This joker bought it today and I was going to buy it as part of her going away gift TOMORROW.

And that's one of the things I will miss the most. The fact that I am friends with the only other person in the world who loves Kenny Loggins as much and in the same way that I do. We met him together. We talked about "Love Will Follow" and he explained how he would like to do it in concert but "his white audience really struggles with it." That's hilarious! So many of our memories involve music.

That's one of the good and bad things about music and memories: if you have good memories with a person and then your relationship is shot to hell, you can ruin the most perfect song. After a really bad situation, it was almost impossible for me to listen to Boyz II Men for at least a year. A whole year without 50 Candles? Not fair.

I remember within the first weeks of getting to know one another Tia and I would go back and forth playing "You Don't Know Nothing About This Joint", trying to top the others' taste for obscure songs. I can't remember who pulled out Deon Estus' "Heaven Help Me" but it was pretty obvious right then that we were put together for a reason.

Should we be so concerned that we will never find (or be found by) The One in knowing good and well that God put us together the way He did? I think we forget that God knows us better than we know ourselves. God is good at giving us what we want and need even when we don't know exactly what it is that we want and need. All I wanted was a place to live. God gave me that, a best friend, a woman that I look up to with the utmost respect, a confidant that has seen me do the most ugliest of crying and a homie that knows that when a songs starts off saying "How, how can it be, that a love carved out of caring, fashioned by fate..." that it is about to be some good times (we went to see India Arie and Anthony David broke out into Level 42's "Something About You". We were the only ones screaming after the first line.)

I don't even want to get off of the floor. This is the most comfortable and relaxed I have been in weeks. You can always breathe easy around someone that you don't have to explain yourself to.

I am looking around the room thinking "There was a fire here. There was a fire right over there, I cried right there REALLY hard scared that I was going to lose my car, we had Felicity Marathons right on this floor under that blanket, and Tia and I used to have people over there on the deck at our house for BBQ and dominoes." I need the next 2 days to be over as soon as possible.

I really don't want to get off of the floor.

I really wish we would've done more stuff in this house but then again, we did a lot of stuff here. We have both grown soooo much. I mean, I do dishes now. LOL! Tia actually wears makeup and heels! These two things were unthinkable about 4-5 years ago.

What's around the corner better be just as good or better. It has to be.

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