Sunday, October 22, 2006

...And we didn't even go to jail!!!

The reason why I have cut my face out of the shot of me and Common is not so much because I don't want my face on our blog. It is because I was cheesing SO bad, that my face looks like it swelled up 3 times its size! I mean, I could not stop smiling for two days. I think I may have even sprained a muscle in my face.

6 hours before the show, I get a text from Bets (good lookin' out Bets. I HATE that you couldn't join us) asking if I could come pick up an extra all access pass that she had. I happened to be stuck in traffic right in front of her building so I whizzed right over. Just like that I went from a balcony seat (who thought that tickets would've sold so well here in Nashville for a hip hop show)to right in front of the stage!

Unlike a lot of industry Nashville people, I am really not that cool. I love music too much to stand directly in front of the stage with my arms folded, barely nodding my head. So while the media people stood there shooting pics and some industry heads got their too cool for school head nods on, me and my girl(actually, I don't know what she was doing cause I was wiling out) bounced up and down back and forth and recited all of the words.

He opened with "Be" and he had a full band with a DJ so ill, I told him later that I would have to quit my job to be that good. "Testify" almost sent me into cardiac arrest and then he got to "Come Close". *Sigh* He requested that a girl come dance with him on stage and my girl tried to push me to the front and I refused. THANK GOD. They slow danced for a while to Prince's "Adore" and unless he would've have had a heart shaped diamond solitaire in his back pocket, there was no way I would've danced that way with him. Because soon after he picked this girl up, wrapped her legs around him and proceeded to bounce her up and down. I'm not hatin' on her, but I'm not that girl.

Truthfully, if there is any song that I would want Common to sing to me, it would be "The Light".

It's kinda fresh that you listen to more than hip hop and
I can catch you in the mix from beauty to thrift shops

That's my anthem! So when he got into my favorite Common song of all time, I stood there bouncing back and forth with my hands covering my mouth, eyes wide open, and cheeks hurting from all of the glee stored up in them. And then it happened: he walked over to my side of the stage, looked into my eyes, pointed to me and started singing. And I stood there like it didn't happen. I was in shock and denial until I looked at my girlfriend and she said "I hate you." Then I knew that my wish did indeed come true.

It was about 30 minutes after the show was over that we made the decision to go backstage and meet him. My apprehensions were due to what if he was a complete jerk? What if he was mean or thought we were back there for sex? What if he came out with 5 girls and was high out of his mind? Promising to keep my expectations as low as possible, we went backstage. Walking down the hallway, we were approached by a security guard asking us what we wanted. We decided to keep it real. "We just want a picture with Common. Is that alright?" "Oh yeah, follow me." We waited outside his room for a while and when he and those freckles finally came out I went into what I do best: ignore and deny.

No wonder that some of the guys I have dated have questioned my love for them because I have been known to completely shut my feelings off. So when Common walked up to me, standing face to face because he was polite enough to bend down (he is way taller than me) I did not grab his bald head and violate him in the most ungodly of ways. I mean I shut down COMPLETELY. "Thank yall for waitin' outside for me for so long." Those eyelashes fluttered and I knew right then that I would've waited 6 hours because hearing that voice was worth it. We talked about his movie and I asked him if he regretted at all leaving the Kanye tour early to do it. He said that it was totally worth it and to look for it in March. "Yall were the ones rockin' out in the front! Word. Thanks for that". We took our individual pics and then he picked up his bag, turned to me and gave me a big hug. I was in love for the rest of the night.

I would like to end this story by saying that Lonnie and I are now registered at Target and Ikea but unfortunately I cannot. What I can say is that he was so sweet, nicer than what I expected even before I opted to keep my expectations low and I am a fan forever.

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