Sunday, September 3, 2006

Mr. Biggs goes to jail - Tia

I thought I read somewhere that Mr. Biggs aka Ron Isley had been indicted on tax evasion. It was on some British site, (Random aside: Why do the Brits have U.S. R&B on lock but Luther can die and it's a 5-second blip on CNN in the states? Just wondering.) I kinda figured that it was a typo or something because I hadn't heard word one about it over here.

Anyway, turns out was ahead of the curve. Mr. Biggs is going to the Big House. And for what...TAX EVASION!!! Ain't that some....That, in my humble opinion, is one of lamest thing to go to jail for. If you do a song with Snoop and JT, then you CERTAINLY have enough money to hire an accountant. And your wife is pregnant...bad move Mr. Biggs. Bad move.

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