Tuesday, September 12, 2006

BGLU Music News-Toya

I just did something tonight that I have never done before. I went to Tower a little bit before midnight with another music junkie friend just in time for the New Release Tuesday rush. It was a good Tuesday for music: "Your Boy", Lionel Richie, Citizen Cope and BGLU fave John Mayer all came out today. Even though my friend offered to buy me a copy of the new John Mayer, I declined because I wanted to hear it first. That sounds crazy being as though I bought the last one the day it came out but I don't know. I was a little fearful that John was on some "new stuff".

We got in the car and like little kids at Christmas, we ripped open the wrapping of every CD with John first. I started reading the lyrics and realize that the album while great is a little bit of a disappointment to me and this is of no fault of his. When Room for Squares came out it was my soundtrack for where I was then as with Heavier Things. I can't really relate to this new one at all. Kind of like where Mary left me after "Share My World". I know she just wanted to "be Mary" but she lost me after the third record. Again, not her fault. The songs I am really feeling from John's Continuum are "In Repair" and "Stop This Train".

As for "Your Boy's" record, it's pretty monotonous. Not nearly as diverse as Justified was. "Until the End of Time" is one of the best songs Prince NEVER wrote and as much as that annoys me, I have a difficult time hating any song that sounds like that. Not to mention, it's a little "Thicke-ish" in spots as well. On the bright side, Matt Morris co-wrote the last song (where IS that dude, good Lord!) and Rick Rubin produced it. Still don't know if he's getting my money yet. I may need to buy a previously loved copy.

In more music news/critique, I hate Beyonce's new record. I am so tired of "tracks". Someone play some daggone instruments! But what I am LOVING right now is the The Blue Album which is the new Diana Ross jazz album that came out. It's air, I am so serious.

Buy Corinne Bailey Rae's album. Period.

(Robin) Thicke's album has been pushed back to next month. Promises, promises...

And finally, I was sad to hear that Dick Scott passed away late last month. If you are of the BGLU elite, you know and understand why that is a "hurt piece" as we say up North. Keep Keepin' On...

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