Wednesday, September 13, 2006

no, No, NO!!!!! - Tia

This was black love at it's finest and most ghetto. Ghetto Black Love. But black love nonetheless. Apparently, 2006 is the year of the reality show couple break up. Dave and Carmen. Travis and ummm what's her name. Nick and Jessica. And NOW...BOBBY AND WHITNEY!!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

damn, Damn, DAMN!!!!!!-Toya

I will say this: It will be an ice cold day in hell before I let some cameras into my home. I am STILL not over this mess here:

(Say what you want about me but Travis could holla. OH Travis could holla!)

There were two things that you used to be able to count on: 1)If they were looking for a serial murderer, chances were he wasn't black and 2)No matter who got divorced you knew that Bobby and Whitney were staying together. Both of these theories have been shot to hell. JESUS PART THE SKY!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

oooohhhh - Tia

Orlando Bloom and Zoe Saldana......ooohhhh

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It's official - Tia

I'm MOVING!!!!!!!! We (my new roommate Crista and I) got approved for an apartment in Sherman Oaks. It is the, not .net, not .org, .COM. It has a huge living room, tiny kitchen, decent size living room and HUGE dual masters. There is a PF Changs and Cheesecake Factory in walking (well at least biking) distance and it's about a mile from a train station. Which is great because I have to ride the train out to Irvine everyday. It's sunny. It's....GREAT!!! I'm so excited. And so scared.....

Oh my gosh, I'm moving in 3 weeks. Holy Crap....Somebody hold me.... theme song

BGLU Music News-Toya

I just did something tonight that I have never done before. I went to Tower a little bit before midnight with another music junkie friend just in time for the New Release Tuesday rush. It was a good Tuesday for music: "Your Boy", Lionel Richie, Citizen Cope and BGLU fave John Mayer all came out today. Even though my friend offered to buy me a copy of the new John Mayer, I declined because I wanted to hear it first. That sounds crazy being as though I bought the last one the day it came out but I don't know. I was a little fearful that John was on some "new stuff".

We got in the car and like little kids at Christmas, we ripped open the wrapping of every CD with John first. I started reading the lyrics and realize that the album while great is a little bit of a disappointment to me and this is of no fault of his. When Room for Squares came out it was my soundtrack for where I was then as with Heavier Things. I can't really relate to this new one at all. Kind of like where Mary left me after "Share My World". I know she just wanted to "be Mary" but she lost me after the third record. Again, not her fault. The songs I am really feeling from John's Continuum are "In Repair" and "Stop This Train".

As for "Your Boy's" record, it's pretty monotonous. Not nearly as diverse as Justified was. "Until the End of Time" is one of the best songs Prince NEVER wrote and as much as that annoys me, I have a difficult time hating any song that sounds like that. Not to mention, it's a little "Thicke-ish" in spots as well. On the bright side, Matt Morris co-wrote the last song (where IS that dude, good Lord!) and Rick Rubin produced it. Still don't know if he's getting my money yet. I may need to buy a previously loved copy.

In more music news/critique, I hate Beyonce's new record. I am so tired of "tracks". Someone play some daggone instruments! But what I am LOVING right now is the The Blue Album which is the new Diana Ross jazz album that came out. It's air, I am so serious.

Buy Corinne Bailey Rae's album. Period.

(Robin) Thicke's album has been pushed back to next month. Promises, promises...

And finally, I was sad to hear that Dick Scott passed away late last month. If you are of the BGLU elite, you know and understand why that is a "hurt piece" as we say up North. Keep Keepin' On...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remember - Tia
Sorry about the font size earlier. I posted from a friend's computer and it was a little bootleg.

Our parents can remember where they were when Dr. King, John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated. Our generation, while blessed to never have to have dealt with an assassination, we have had to deal with one of the greatest tragedies in our nation's history. And we remember...

I remember exactly where I was when I found out about the Trade Centers. I had 2 job interviews that day. I needed a job so I had to get moving. I heard on the radio that a plane had hit one of the towers but I didn't think much of it. I figured the pilots had made a tragic error but nothing more. I hadn't even bothered to turn on the television.

I went to my interview and found everyone sitting around watching a small black and white television. It was only then that I found out that it had not been one plane but possibly 4. I finished my first interview and went to my second. The information was still sketchy at that point and all I wanted to do was get home and find out what the hell was going on.

I spent the remainder of the day in front of the television. At points there were tears running down my face. I could not understand how someone would do this on purpose. I had to fight the hate that welled up in me. My heart ached for the victims, for the families of victims...for my country.

And now, half a decade later, the pain is still fresher than I would have thought. As I sit here watching memorial services and actual footage of that day, my heart still hearts. The tears still come. I still remember that day. It feels like it just happened. And it didn't even happen to me.

My prayers go out to the families of the victims. And I know that I will never forget. And I hope you won't either.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Tell ME JC can't sing - tia

I know this is overkill but it's still a good video and it proves my point that JC is a great singer. WHYYYY....Didn't I know it.....WHYYYYYY.....Didn't I show it.

I am almost GIDDY watching this. I think I had one too many glasses of wine at dinner. But it was a business dinner and I was talking and running my mouth and the waitress kept filling my excuse...I know

okay for real I'm finished. It's just that I figured out how to post youtube videos to the site. We were having some issues before....
hmmmm - Tia

I don't know how I feel about this. This is one of my favourite Tears for Fears songs. So frankly I just don't know how I feel about the MMC doing this particular track.

I do know that I STILL love me some JC. Damn a Justin Timberlake. JC got voice. Granted Justin is a great entertainer and a decent singer. But JC got that voice. Say he don't....and I will send you a million videos of JC singing like his life depended on it. Justin is all nasal passage but JC sings like someone shot his dog in front of him. There is a pain and an anguish (and some talent?) that Justin in my opinion just doesn't have. Hate me if you want. You know I'm right.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Steelo Stealer
Swagger Jacker - Tia

So by now we have all at the very least seen the VMA 2006 performances. I didn't watch the show. I just went to MTV and watched the performances. From the little bit of the show that I did initially see I was uninterested in watching the re-play. The performance I was most interested in was Beyonce. I had heard more Janet Jackson comparisons than I knew what to do with and wanted to see it for myself.

Well apparently, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty is not the only one who got her steelo stolen. Some hard to ignore pictures have surfaced of Ms. HOV looking a lot like Ms. Spederline at the AMAs 3 years ago. Now these are probably just a coincidence. Poor planning by B's styling team aka Mama Knowles. But's not looking good.

I frankly find the whole thing amusing. Especially considering Beyonce kinda got her swagger jacked last year by Mariah. It's just proves what I've been saying for a while now, ain't nothing new really coming out of hip-hop and R&B.
Signs of the coming apocalypse - Tia

There are wars and rumors of wars. And as Toya put it, if this story is true, the lion has officially laid down with the lamb and Jesus is soon coming to crack the sky.

There are rumors flying about that Jessica Simpson and JOHN MAYER!!!!! are dating. Yes, each other. Now to me, that doesn't even sound logical. I don't have anything against Jessica Simpson but they just don't seem like they would be compatible. In Comfortable, the type of girl that John Mayer said that he wanted was the antithesis of Jessica Simpson. Gray sweatpants, no make-up, some one who could distinguish Miles from Coltrane. I bet if you asked Jessica Simpson who Miles Davis was she'd probably have no idea.

Anyway, all that to say, if this is indeed true John Mayer has officially lost my respect. I'm still gonna buy his album though. Don't get it twisted.
Mr. Biggs goes to jail - Tia

I thought I read somewhere that Mr. Biggs aka Ron Isley had been indicted on tax evasion. It was on some British site, (Random aside: Why do the Brits have U.S. R&B on lock but Luther can die and it's a 5-second blip on CNN in the states? Just wondering.) I kinda figured that it was a typo or something because I hadn't heard word one about it over here.

Anyway, turns out was ahead of the curve. Mr. Biggs is going to the Big House. And for what...TAX EVASION!!! Ain't that some....That, in my humble opinion, is one of lamest thing to go to jail for. If you do a song with Snoop and JT, then you CERTAINLY have enough money to hire an accountant. And your wife is pregnant...bad move Mr. Biggs. Bad move.