Wednesday, May 10, 2006


There has been SO much going on that while I have been thinking about blogging, I really haven't had the time. So here are some things off the cuff:

BGLU News- The worse Wednesday night EVER!!!!!! When they said that Chris was going home on American Idol tonight, I stared at the television as if Ryan Seacrest said it in Portuguese. I still can't believe it. I honestly thought that Catherine and Chris were going to be the final two. I really don't know what to say about that. This was also the worst Wednesday night ever because tonight looked like the final episode of Girlfriends although it has been described as the season finale. With the WB and UPN merging (what the hell for??? UPN is the BET we never had) they are not sure if they are bringing it back. I am not ready to talk about this either.

And since we are on the topic of things that sucked so far this month, I found out a few days ago that only a mere 20 minutes from my house, Scott Weiland (the man single handedly responsible for my twisted affinity for heroin addicted rocker boys or those that look like such) and Duff McKagan played to a surprised audience at Muzik Mafia in downtown Nashville. The thing is, I used to go to Muzik Mafia. EVERY TUESDAY. It went something like this: John Rich of Big and Rich starts playing Plush and out of nowhere comes Scott and Duff. Upon reading this, I numbly closed the newspaper and went straight to Tia's room to put her on suicide watch. I told her why and she assured me that this did not happen. Oh it did my friend, it did. When I finally came to grips with it, it is probably good that I didnt go anyway. I am pretty sure I would not have acted right. It is one thing to know that Scott is going to sing but for him to just run up on a girl like that? I'dve been on the news. Not BGLU news. Fox News.

In good BGLU news, Something New comes out on DVD next Tuesday.

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