Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coloured People - Tia

Lord have mercy I miss black people.

Don't get me wrong. I like everybody. I don't understand people who are racist. It just makes no sense to me to not like someone because of the color of their skin. HOWEVER, just because I like everybody doesn't mean I don't LOVE my people. Yeah, we do some foolish stuff sometimes (if I sat here and named it all I would never finish this post) but I still LOVE my folks. And recently I have been missing my people.

I live in Nashville. Not the pinnacle of black folks believe it or not. And I don't know if it's the frequent trips to Atlanta I have been making or what, but every time I come back to N'Vegas I realize that I really don't know a lot of brown folks and it's really beginning to bother me.

There is nothing like being black. I would have it no other way. If I had to be anything else, I don't know what I would do. (Rican would be okay I guess, but that's about it.) There is a love amongst black people that I don't know exist among any other race. Maybe it's because I'm not another race, but I don't see other people kickin' it like we do.

I mean, do white people "hook each other up?" I know you're trying to buy a fridge today. But if you wait until tomorrow all of these are going to be 50% off. But you didn't hear it from me. (Said to me by a sistah sales associate at the Sears Outlet) Do Asian people "feel it" when a classic song comes on? (Between Toya and I there are so many "aww shoot"s when we listen to music. I mean, if The Gap Band, Jeffrey Osborne and LTD, and Stevie Wonder don't move you, then you may want to check your pulse because you're dead inside.) Can Ricans communicate with nothing more than a head nod and a look? (If you've never given anyone the silent "what's up?" then you ain't down)

I love my folks. It's like a family. Everybody has that crazy uncle that don't act right but you still love him. And for some reason lately I have not been feeling the love. I need more black people in my life. The thing is I don't know how to rectify the situation.

Where does one go to get more brown folks in their world? Nashville got a little something something for the coulored folks on Sunday nights but I can rarely ever make it. Plus I don't do late nights on school nights. I have a grown up job with grown up hours. And though I've heard that the grown and sexy (G&S for short) are out and about on Sunday nights, this G&S doesn't like being tired at work.

But is there a club...a website or something? I want to be down. I want to sit with some G&S brown folks around a nice dinner with some good wine discussing any and everything. I want to listen to Outstanding while playing dominoes at a barbeque. I don't want to have to explain why my hands are in the air, my eyes are closed and I'm swaying when Where Did We Go Wrong? comes on. I want people around me who understand why movies like The Color Purple, Friday, The Wiz, and Soul Food are instant classics. (You know a movie is a classic when someone can mention the title and a line from the movie immediately pops into your head. In order: "All my life I had to fight." "What's up Big Perm, I mean Big Worm." "You can't win." I can't mention the line from Soul Food that I know. It's profane. Period.) I...I just need my people.

And for the record
There are limited spots for those down with my people. (You know who you are.) More spots are likely to open up as the number of brown folks increases. Right now there must be a distinct brown folks to non-brown folks ratio. So some of y'all might not make it to the first round of barbeques. But I'll put you on the list.

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