Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Back Then They Didn't Want Me...

Now I'm Hot, They're All On Me

Dear Bandwagon Jumpers,

Tia and I (Toya) would like to ask you all a question: Where were yall when Terrence Howard was on Sparks, huh? Where were yall when Patrick Dempsey was riding that teen machine in the 80's with movies like "Can't Buy Me Love", "Loverboy" and "Happy Together" huh? Oh but now, somebody got a hit series and yall wanna holler? Now a brother got an Academy award nod and yall all of the sudden got time for him?

Patrick, you've been my baby since the last scene in "Can't Buy Me Love" when you were riding the lawnmower with the cowboy hat on. It's been you and me for a long time. I was tryin' to hip them to you but noooooo. And Terrence, Tia's been vouchin' for you since she saw you playing guitar behind your head in The Best Man. Sure you played Jackie in The Jacksons: An American Dream but hey, you gotta eat too. So if you and Patrick are lookin' for some ride or die chicks, look no further. We've BEEN down.

As for the rest of yall... RECOGNIZE.

God Bless,
Tia and Toya

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