Thursday, February 9, 2006


I really wanted to live blog during the Grammys but I have been sick all week and really needed to sleep. However, I did wake up in time to see my friend Melanie off before she left to go back on the road. While we were sitting on the couch, I turned on the TV and screamed bloody murder at this...

Ladies, I present to you Gabriel, the arch angel.
OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proof that I live among children

I text a few people this morning asking how the Grammys were and they said they were nothing special. Mind you, I asked people under 25. However being as though they are in the industry I would have expected at least one of them to mention that FREAKING SLY STONE PLAYED LIVE ON TV AFTER NOT BEING ON TV IN OVER 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with this generation!!!!!!!?????

I remember sitting around with my cousin back in the day trying to figure out if he was even still alive or not. He hasn't performed publicly since the 70's. Kanye West can disintegrate for all I care, whining *&@!#!*. THIS IS SLY STONE!!!!!!!! I am SO pissed that I missed it that I can't even write anything else (except congratulations Out of Eden on your Grammy nomination. We love you and we will miss you).

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