Tuesday, February 7, 2006


*The Good Googa Mooga (as in Matthew "Good Googa Mooga"McConaughey if you are new) will be on Oprah tomorrow as well as super cutie John Legend.

*According to The official Afro Punk website, the documentary will FINALLY be released on DVD some time this year. I finally saw the film Friday night and loved it, loved it, loved it.

*Last week seemed to be BGLU Film Screening week as we also went to go see Something New, the new Sanai Lathan/Simon Baker movie. First of all, we went about 15 deep after church. That was a sight in itself. And we all loved it. What I loved most about the movie was it's depiction of black people more specifically men. I was really worried that they were going to present Kenya, Lathan's character, as a woman who was just tired of brothers. I was pleased to see that she had a good relationship with her father and brother and that there were other examples of loving black men in the movie. I didn't want this movie to give the perception that if you want a good man, white ones are the way to go. In this film, her choice was about love not race. The movie was written by Kriss Turner who has also been a writer for Everybody Hates Chris, Whoopi and Living Single. Go support the sista! This film only did about 4 million opening weekend so get your girls together and make it happen.

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