Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It is a given that life goes on. (I'm (tia) almost 30 for crying out loud.) And one of the sad parts of life is death. People get older and people die. Knowing this, however, doesn't make the passing of loved ones and heroes any easier. And this morning, I am truely sad.

R.I.P. Mrs. King


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Random Thoughts From the Road - tia

Okay, not too long ago we took the time to clown the new Robin Thicke song. We were promptly verbally accosted by someone claiming to have affiliation with Thicke. (Whose identity has not yet been confirmed.) Anyway, I hate to admit it, but the song has grown on me. It's just so damn catchy. But according to Toya, most things from the devil are catchy.

Anyway, I do, however, still very much hate the video. It's unoriginal on so many different levels. I mean, how much booty shakin' do we really need in a video? And I'm not trying to pull the color card but where were all of the black women in the video? Are there any? I've seen it several times and I don't think I've seen one real live fully black woman in the whole nonsensical mess. (It wouldn't be a big deal except Robin prides himself on being down for the cause. But whatever.) I realized the other day while watching the video for the umpteenth time that it's basically the same video as Jamie Foxx's Unpredictable. Don't believe me...
Watch it...then watch this one. Change the artist and change the local and you've got the same video. Booty shakin': check. Rapper cameo: check. Wack video: check. I have one thing to say...Boooooooooo

So I read that they're making a
Magnum, P.I. movie. I don't care what ANYONE says. Tom Selleck is still a sexy man. And I don't want to see the movie unless he's reprising the role. I know he's getting on up there in age but I don't care....Shut up!!! He is too hot. No, he's distinguished.

Transformers - The LIVE ACTION movie
This has disaster written all over it. I was a serious fan of the original Transformers movie. The one where Bumblebee cussed. Yeah, that one. I was a tomboy so I was all about the Transformers and G.I. Joe. My little brother loved them too. When he would play with his Transformers he would transform them and try to make the sound that they made when they transformed on television. He would deny it if you asked him about it now. But that mess was too funny to make up. Anyway, I'm not sure how they're going to pull off a live action version without it being stupid. I'm actually a little sad about it already. I know, I'm a nerd. I'm fine with that.

Big Momma's House 2
Does anyone know what this movie is about? Toya and I were discussing and b/w the 2 of us we've seen 3 different commercials for the movie. But we still don't know what the movie is about. Is he undercover to catch a bad guy or be a cheerleader? I just don't get it. And
crunktastical is DEAD wrong for this.

Idol Comments
So the people over at GLAAD are mad about the comments that Simon and Randy made about Zachary, the very feminine young man who closed out the show last week. See here's the thing...I wasn't initially sure of Zachary's gender. I think Simon and Randy just said what most of us were thinking. Maybe I'm just not sensitive enough. But I don't see what the problem is.
I'll let you judge for yourself. (And whoever picks the background music for the show is dead wrong for the Crying Game theme.)

In further idol news....
Rhonetta Johnson SHOWED HER ASS!!!!! (figuratively and literally as evidenced by the constant AI logos placed over her lady parts) This heifer needs help. And what did Paula ever do to her? I mean, she is setting back the race. First Flavor of Love, now this. What she failed to tell us is that she IS famous. At least with the
Mecklenburg County penal system. HAHAHAHA!!!

And I was JUST wondering what happened to
Justin Guarini?

Let the jokes begin
I was in the car with my friend Caleb and he was telling me that he really loves The OC. I guess the look on my face gave me away, because he said, "I know it's gay...I mean Brokeback." It was only a matter of time really. The jokes were inevitable. And then Toya sent me this...

Because lawyers have nothing else to do
Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew is
suing 50 Cent for stealing lyrics. Is he serious? Is he going to sue everyone who uses the phrase, "It's your birthday" in a song? But I almost hope Luke wins. I really can't stand 50 cent. Wack-ass no talent rapper.

Somebody tell Shar Jackson she ain't doing nothing....Nobody knows, let alone cares about..
Britney's ex. And is Nick Cannon really dating Brandy? And after all is said and done do we really care about any of them? Prolly not...

Not usually my thing
You know I usually don't get down for the Indian guys. Nothing against them. Just not my thing. But in the words of Pharell, "Hot Dayum. It's a new day." My girl Taryn suddenly has me interested in Bollywood.

and now to the gym...Laters

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let the carnage begin - tia

So I'm in St. Louis. (For those of you who know me personally you know that things did not go so well the last time that I was here. So please pray for me.)

Anyway, I was downstairs in the gym and I realized that it's the most wonderful time of the year: It's American Idol time. Yeeaaaaaa!!!! I love this show. It is my gulity pleasure. I seriously love it. The good, the bad and the really, really bad. I think I love the really craptacular people as much as the good people. I love how they let some really bad people through just Simon and 'em can embarass the hell out of them. It's wrong and sadistic and FUNNY. I love it.

Right now my money is on Madisa (sp?) and it's not just because she's from down the street (Antioch, TN.) It's because that girl can SANG, not sing, SANG. And because I met her recently (she's a friend of a friend of mine) and she couldn't tell me how far she got leading me to believe she got pretty far. So I'm going on record right now as saying the Madisa is going to go pretty far. Yeah, it's kinda cheating. So what?????

Ooh girl you lookin' like you like what you see...- Toya

I too just got done watching American Idol and I could not help but notice that Paula is a little too smitten with the youngins. Everytime a little teenage boy gets up there and sings to her she is smitten Jan Brady style: her head cocks sideways and her eyes get all starry. The last thing Paula Abdul needs is another boy toy scandal. Mark my words, as one who has also been guilty of favoring the young ones from time to time, they need to "watch her as she check up on it".

Monday, January 16, 2006

Don't Play On the Holiday - tia

Until the dream is a reality...

(And in case you ever wanted to know the words...)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Random Thoughts-Toya

Well, it's that time of the month (sorry boy readers) and since my "friend"-wait, why do women call their period their friend?-since my ENEMY did not show up last month (maybe it was to ensure that I indeed have a happy birthday) it is full blast this week. So I have been on the couch for almost two days, letting the TV watch me.

Why is it when I have all of the time in the world to watch TV nothing I want to watch is on but when I have a trillion things to do, everything is on?

Anyway, these are my randoms...


Tia, I will cut you over this man. Trust, I don't care if it's 1 pm on a Friday afternoon on 4th and Broadway in Nashville during Fan Fair, I will cut you.

2. I am really, REALLY sad about Lou Rawls.

3. Don't act like yall don't care nothin' about this:

I was minding my own business on www.bet.com and the trailer for this movie came on. "TIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed for her to come downstairs. She sat next to me on my chair and we just sat there squeezing hands as we watched in amazement. We could not believe it.

After we recovered from the shock, about 30 seconds after the trailer went off, Tia asked "Why are we so excited about this?" Well first of all, it's Sanaii Lathan and we are CRAZY about this woman so I am just stoked that she is coming out with a new movie period but about THIS???? If you have not seen the trailer yet, go to www.somethingnewmovie.net.
4. Happy new year, I came back home to being laid off, my car won't pass inspection, my car's registration has expired and I already have tickets so I am scared as hell to get pulled over. All in all I have decided to try something new this year because the same mess happened to me about 2 years ago: I am going to be optimistic. I am going to be crazy enough to believe that the Lord is going to work this out. I am actually going to trust His word and know that all things will come together for the good. So many times I have thought that if I am not constantly stressed out then that means that I am not concerned and I don't realize how bad my situation is. Oh I know it sucks! LOL! But this is just another episode. I can't wait to see where God wants me next.
5. BGLU will be on Myspace.com soon! We'll let you guys know. A lot of readers have asked for a bulletin board and we think that this will be even better. You will need to know our email address to get added and we will also do a group page.
6. Project Runway is on so I gotta bounce but before I do, Tia pointed this out...
This guy, Santino Rice from Project Runway
reminds us of THIS guy from Superman II

Friday, January 6, 2006

Hip Hop's Biggest Star finally gets a star of her own.

I am a lil' misty writing this because I remember the very first time that I saw Queen Latifah's first video "Dance for Me" and I was crazy about her. I thought she was so inspiring and I still do. To say that she is doing big things is a huge understatement. I am so excited to see her bust down barriers for all types of women.

We love you Queen!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Countdown to Armageddon-Toya

This just in... "Laffy Taffy" is the #1 single in the country.

In other news, military radars have picked up signals of what appears to be swine flying past the Capital buildings...
Further Signs of the Apocalypse-Toya

I received this message today:
Be sure to tune in on Friday, January 6th at 11:30pm PST to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to see Robin Thicke perform with Lil' Wayne. Check your local listings for the time and channel in your area.

Jesus, please crack the sky now...

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

People Get Ready....Jesus Is Coming - tia

Never in my life have I been more convinced that Jesus is coming back real soon than I am today. I read this on mirror.co.uk and that it was a joke. Then I read it on allhiphop.com and realized it was true.

Come King Jesus.

I (Toya) originally wrote the following piece for an online e-zine but I am not sure if they are going to use it. It's pretty time sensitive since the Grammys are in a month (thanks Grant) so I figured I would put it on our site. Feel free to discuss.

Trouble Man: Kanye West vs. The Grammys

"If I don't win Album of the Year, I'm gonna really have a problem with that… I can never talk myself out of [winning], you know why? Because I put in the work. I don't care if I jumped up and down right now on the couch like Tom Cruise. I don't care what I do… you can never take away from the amount of work I put into it. So I don't wanna hear all of that politically correct stuff…. I worked hard to get here. I put my love, I put my heart, I put my money [into Late Registration]. I'm $600,000 in the hole right now on that album and you tell me about being politically incorrect? People love these songs...You talk to somebody whose grandmother just died and listens to 'Roses,' and you tell me about being politically incorrect."- Kanye West (from www.mtvnews.com)

It is going to be nearly impossible for Kanye West to get an award from a group of people that he continuously publicly disrespects with his tirades of superiority. Before this latest rant, his cockiness likened to one of a student denied first place in his school’s science fair. It was laughable. However, West’s latest episode makes him look much less than overly confident and more, if anything, greatly terrified.

What is puzzling is that Kanye West cares at all about what the NARAS thinks of him and his work. Although much more commercial in today’s culture, hip hop used to be like punk: an underground, "stick it to the man" kind of culture, much like the step child of the music scene. One would think that an artist who considers himself a forerunner of this culture, would be far less concerned about earning the accolades of those that feed the machine of what has now been considered the nemesis of hip hop, "corporate rap": rap music that is based on a quick money making formula verses artistic talent. According to http://www.grammys.com/, qualified Grammy voters are "professionals with creative or technical credits on six commercially released tracks (or their equivalent). These may include vocalists, conductors, songwriters, composers, engineers, producers, instrumentalists, arrangers, art directors, album notes writers, narrators and music video artists and technicians." Plainly, a collection of West’s peers that he has repeatedly offended by saying that his work and work ethic are superior to theirs.

Even so, West seems to find much worth in what these same peers think of him and yearns for them to acknowledge him as one of the greatest of all time. Why should he expect much from an organization that has been slow to embrace hip hop in the first place? The association did not add Rap as a genre until 1988. Should Kanye be so hard pressed to gain accolades from an organization that let Sir Mix-A-Lot cop an award for "Baby Got Back? There are countless of other artists that have been around prior and longer than Kanye West has that have never received a Grammy (A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy and De La Soul just to name a few). Why does he think that he is so deserving? Is it that he thinks he is the best or is it that he HOPES that he is?

Is it that he feels that "Late Registration" needs a Grammy to legitimize being $600,000 in the hole? If that is the case, why spend money on two videos for Heard ‘Em Say? The CD has never lacked promotion. It has yielded one of the longest running #1 singles this year and who can forget the infamous "George Bush doesn’t care about black people" statement made just days before the record released? Also, Kanye West was featured on the cover of Time Magazine and was named one of Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005.

"Late Registration" IS in fact a very well done album regardless of what the Grammys decide. However, West’s show of over confidence appears to be just that. People that are truly confident TRULY don’t care about what other people say about them. They don’t covet awards. They don’t crave formal recognition. They don’t whine about their lack of accolades because they don’t feel that their glory is something that can be given or taken away by anyone. If the people love and identify with records such as "Roses" as Kanye so strongly believes, then it would make sense for him to only be concerned about winning awards that are voted on by the people themselves such as the American Music Awards. The American Music Awards are voted for by consumers and were given away November of this year. Kanye West did not win one.

Neither did Mariah Carey who critics are already saying will most likely beat out Kanye West for the much coveted Album of the Year award. Her comeback multi-platinum album, "The Emancipation of Mimi" which "Late Registration" is up against, has already yielded 4 Top 10 hits to Kanye West’s one Top 10 hit with "Goldigger". Ironically, West is credited on Carey’s record as co-writer for "Stay the Night". Without neither an American Music Award nor five mics from either The Source or Vibe Magazine, could it be that this is Kanye’s last resort to win it big award wise for 2005? Is that what the fuss is all about? Would winning Album of the Year truly sooth his hurting ego?

Pride truly comes before the fall and for this I am absolutely and sincerely terrified for Kanye West. It is rather sad to watch someone put their foot in their mouth and shoot the other one simultaneously. As many people who feel that Kanye West’s record deserves to be album of the year, it is quite likely that there are probably about twice as many people who are willing to vote for anybody but him to ensure he does not get it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


I hope everyone has an incredibly, enlightening and fulfilling year this year. I hope you get the answers to those longing questions. I wish everyone growth, peace, and everlasting joy sprinkled with much happiness. Love, Toya (and Tia I'm sure but she is out of town).
Auld Lang Syne- Toya

(I just got done watching Sex and the City Season 3, already breaking my New Year's Resolution and I always get inspired to write after watching it. I know that my posts have been really long lately but like most bloggers, this has been pretty therapeutic and I love the fact that you guys leave comments letting me know that I am not alone in this crazy single life. Sorry so long.)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,And days of auld lang syne?
And days of auld lang syne, my dear,And days of auld lang syne.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,And days of auld lang syne?

In keeping with my end of the year resolution, that is exactly what I intended to do: let old acquaintances be forgotten and start off 2006 with a clean slate. I had decided a week before my birthday that in two weeks, I was going to write a goodbye letter to every single guy I had been physically and emotionally involved with, letting the past be the past and hopefully moving on to a less tainted future. Being the procrastinator I am, I waited until 8 pm on New Year's Eve. Mike's party started at 9pm and there was no way were going to show up that early. "I have to do this tonight" I determined. "Should't take that long. I haven't dated that many guys and I am way too eager to move on." I started way back from kindergarten and by the time I got to guy#16, I knocked on Tia's bathroom door while she was taking a shower and said "I think this is going to be a while. I'm not even to Tag yet. I am not even close. I haven't even gotten to the guys I have met since I have been in Nashville yet." "Oooohhh. Yeah, umm, handle that." she said from the shower. She then went onto explain how she had to do something similar and it took her much longer than she expected as well.

I started writing to guys that I had completely forgotten about in my life, some names I struggled to remember. Yes, it brought up some past hurts which produced some scathing letters (I ripped Guy A a new one), but it also brought back some really good memories. I didn't realize it but I can honestly say that I have been truly loved more than once but sadly enough, I didn't always love back. Turns out that I haven't always been the victim. A good number of my letters were apologies. Thankfully, I got some great revelations from writing some of these goodbyes because it helped me understand why I feel the need to control everything. I got to say things that I would never say in person, things that I wish I could've said back then.

There were three that were especially hard. I kept having to come back to Mark and once I finished, I felt such relief. I went back and started to write "Goodbye" at the end of every entry, closing each chapter in my life. Then I got to Tag. Tag was the hardest one. It was difficult because I had so much to say, so many good things. But it was especially hard because I realized right then and there that I really did not WANT to say goodbye. I was still holding onto something. It took me forever to even start his letter, taking about 2 minutes to even write his name. "This is not necessary" I struggled. As soon as I thought that, Tia knocked on the door. "I was thinking"she said as she stood in the doorway, "you should really finish this tonight. This is important to you. I can wait." "Would you?" I asked gratefully. "This is taking so much longer than what I thought. A half hour has turned into an hour and a half." "Yeah man, look, I totally understand." That meant so much to me. More than she will ever know. It was then that I determined to finish.

I finished with Mike's letter and decided that I had done nothing wrong regarding our relationship. Sure I played hard to get in the beginning but I softened up after a few weeks. Knowing that I turned down a date or two (okay about 6) I then asked him over to hang out with us a few times and we even went out for coffee. Not too long after, I heard from a friend that Mike does some work for that Mike thinks that I am a great girl but like myself, feared that we were too much alike. I have often said that we were too much alike and was pretty vocal about it when people asked me about us. However, there was always a voice in the back of my head that whispered "Thou protest too much." The fact is, yes, we are a lot alike but I think that that frightened me more than it annoyed me. But none of that mattered now because he was no longer pursuing me. I didn't need to know why. I just needed to confidently move on.

I ended my journey down memory lane with a written prayer telling God that I trust Him, that I was thankful for everything that has made me stronger and that I prayed hope against hope that who He has for me will be incomparable to anyone I have ever loved before. Happy to finally be done my list of goodbyes and eager to start off the new year with a clean slate, I hopped up off of the floor and found my black halter top to wear to Mike's "Black T-shirt and Jeans" party. Of course Tia and I were not about to show up in plain black t-shirts. We are far too grown and sexy for that. And besides, it was New Year's Eve and nothing short of cute black halter tops, chandelier earrings and pumps was going to do.

I had heard that Mike was seeing someone already. That's the thing about guys. If they feel like dating they can just move on. Women on the other one, those of us who would rather die than ask any man out, don't have it so easy. We have to wait. Of course I wondered who this girl was, who made me so easy to get over so quickly. It didn't take me long to find out. We got to the house and there they were; Mike, who like all guys who suddenly become unavailable, looked cuter than ever and Tammy. I couldn't hate her if I tried. She wouldn't let me either. She found a comfy place on a crowded couch, snuggled right between Tia and me and talked to me ALL NIGHT LONG.

I tried to crawl out of the door as Tammy asked us which one of us it was that Mike referred to as his sister. "Now, which one of you is related to Mike?" Tia and I just looked at each other. "Neither one of us actually" Tia answered. "Oh, I thought Mike said that one of you was like his cousin or sister or something..." I lifted one finger in the air. "That would be me I guess", I said never looking from the TV as they showed The Bangles reunion. Not even this little episode could rob me of the joy of watching those girls reunite and sing Hazy Shade of Winter. At the end of the night, Mike gave me a big hug and explained to Tammy that we were practically twins. "Yeah, we have decided that we were separated at birth." "We, huh?" I thought. "I mean, we are so much alike, it's frightening". Tammy, looking intrigued, just nodded. "Yeah, it's scary alright" I said. I then cleared my throat trying to give Tia a clue to get up off of the couch so we could leave. Evidently that cue wasn't obvious enough to divert her attention from watching The Goonies for the 497th that I had to literally grab her by the arm and say "How about we go now?" "I'm sorry, umm, uh..." she stammered for words as she saw the uncomfortable look on my face." Yeah, it's about time we bounce."

By the end of the night, I wondered two things: One, were we overdressed cause no one else showed up at the party looking like they came straight from the club like we did ("True, but we were the cutest in the room" Tia answered justifiably when I brought this up during the ride home) and two, didn't I JUST write about 20 pages of goodbyes in my journal promising to never look back? Why was the sight of seeing them together bothering me at all? As we walked towards her car I said "Not trying to be ridiculous or anything but..." Tia interrupted "I mean DANG! Can the ink even dry on the paper yet?" "I know!!!!" I said, grateful that I had someone who understood my frustration. Could I have at least a day before I had to try out my new "Let bygones be bygones". I never really knew the words to Auld Lang Syne but I knew the part where it says "let old acquaintance be forgot" and that's what I had been trying my best to do. So why was I feeling salty at all?

Because no matter how much my head thinks it has accomplished, the heart always feels. I know having my guard up was wise but I feel rejected. That's just the way it is. I have been through all of the comparing and the backtracking and I still know in my head that I am right in believing that I acted accordingly. Mike can be kind of too physical with the affection at times and after Guy A, I am not having that anymore. If that made me too standoffish, too bad. However, one thing I learned last year was that no matter how stupid you think your feelings are, you have to admit your sadness, allow yourself to feel that way, don't wallow in it but move on as quickly and rationally as possible.

What makes this easier is faith. I am not at all out on love and I can attribute some of that to a marathon of "Meet the Barkers". Okay it sounds crazy (as is my eternal crush on Travis Barker, married or not) but I watched this show and was telling God that as His child who believes in His promises, I don't expect any less of the love that they have for each other. They are crazy about one another. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I have more hope now than ever because honestly, I don't see much of anything so I know that this has to happen in a way that only God can do it. The way He does it, produces the best stories because it is all to give Him glory. For goodness sake, we are talking about a God that parted the Red Sea and sent a savior through a virgin birth. And He can't hook me up? God shows out when we are crazy enough to believe in Him and as of now, I am finally crazy enough to do it.