Tuesday, December 13, 2005


"The saddest thing in life is wasted talent"

If you recognize the above headline from one of the top BGLU films of all time "A Bronx Tale" then like us, you probably lost your whole mind when you found out that Lillo Brancato (or "C") was arrested for murdering a cop last weekend. What in the world??????

As I (Toya) am typing this, I am watching the Victoria Secrets' Christmas Runway Show. Watching this while sitting on top of 6 pounds additional holiday weight and eating sushi after scarfing down a McDonald's cheeseburger All American Meal (I have sushi cravings like a woman pregnant with triplets) is not the most esteem building activity to say the least. The only reason I am watching this is because I am taping it for my supermodel roomate Tia who is at the movies. She didn't ask me to tape it but I figured she would want to see Tyra's last walk on the runway. We love Tyra! Does anyone even look at the lingerie as they are walking down the runway? Not once have I noticed the lingerie during this entire show. I am too busy hoping to find stretch marks and cellulite. I know, I know...

Icon Richard Pryor passed away this past weekend. I remember sneaking to hear one of my dad's Richard Pryor records when I was little and being so appalled by the language (I was 8) that I quickly turned it off. However, I do have fond memories of Richard Pryor from "The Wiz", "Harlem Nights", "The Toy", "Bustin' Loose" and "Uptown Saturday Night". He was definitely one of our last original comedians. There was none like him before him and there will be none like him after him.

I was thinking today what my Top 10 Favorite Singles of 2005 are and am finding it hard to remember what actually came out earlier this year. This is probably why record companies try to put out albums right before the Grammy nomination deadline so that the release will be fresh in the mind of voters come voting time. I think I have a good idea of what mine are though and feel free to comment on yours. I picked these songs because they have become part of my life's soundtrack and I will love them for years to come.

This will be in no particular order except for song #1 which is ....

#1 Marques Houston's "Naked" -It may be hard to believe (to those that don't know me well) but this is most definitely my favorite joint of the year. I love sappy love songs as well as "get it on" songs and while I am single, I try not to listen to these songs much and keep them tucked away in my "Married Music" file on my computer. Be that as it may, I crank this up when it's on (Honorable mention" MH's "All Because of You").

#2 Kirk Franklin "Looking For You" -I know. How on earth did I go from "Naked" to "Looking For You"? Hey, what's " in the married bed is undefiled". That is my answer when someone looks at me cross eyed when I mention that I like something that is a bit suggestive. You can't be in a bad mood when this song is on. It makes me want to go roller skating. It does NOT however make me want to do that detestful Electric Slide and when I went to see Kirk Franklin a few months back, the whole auditorium turned into what seemed like a gigantic black wedding reception. Before I knew it I was caught in an Electric Slide type maze and learned that if one wishes to get out, they must do the Electric Slide in the opposite direction to free themselves. Remember this tip.

#3 Ne-Yo "Stay With Me" -I am CRAZY about Def Jam's new artist Ne-Yo!!!!!!!!!! I heard this song during an open mic in town and ran to the DJ to ask who it was. I went to the record store the next day and to my delight, they had free samplers. I can't wait for the record. (Honorable mention: Ne-Yo "So Sick" This is his current single. The writing on this is bananas. Straight bananas. I knew all of the words after the first time I heard it.)

#4 Fall Out Boy "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" -If you are in your car like Tia and I have been, singing this at the top of your lungs without ever reading the lyrics to this song, I am willing to bet my next 3 paychecks that you are singing ALL of the wrong words. I read the lyrics one day on closed caption and realized that I had been singing a whole nother song. This is my jam. Also on the list of songs to sing at the top of your lungs with reckless abandon...

#5 Kelly Clarkson "Since You've Been Gone" -I shudder to think how often this song has been murdered during karaoke. Unless, of course, it is sung by Anne Marie, the karaoke queen.

#6 Kanye West "Heard 'Em Say" -I could sit and listen to just the instrumental all day long. It is infectious. I love Kanye West's rhythm over this and with Adam Levine's falsetto...stop it. Ridiculous.

#7 4th Avenue Jones "It's Over Now" -Most underrated party song of the year. So glad that this is on 12".

#8 Lifehouse "You and Me" -I melted the first time I heard this song. This is the most perfect song for a couple's first dance at their wedding. I never even really thought about what I would pick until I heard this for the very first time.

#9 Amerie "1 Thing" -This was most definitely the "Crazy In Love" song of this year. There is not a girl I know who does not go into Carmen Electra mode with the rest of her girlfriends when this song comes on at a party. And when they play this and "Crazy In Love" back to back, psssssshhhhtttt...it's over. I left a guy standing on the floor one night when this song came on. "Where are you going?" he yelled as I left him in mid conversation to join the group of my girlfriends flocking to the center of the dancefloor. "Don't you know?" I responded as if he was brand new to earth "This is the anthem."

#10 Charlie Wilson "Charlie, Last Name Wilson"- You know it's a hard time to be single when the man that wrote "Yearnin' For Your Love" is beggin a sista and offerin to give her his manager's number, his studio number and even his mama's number. I never get tired of this song or making fun of this song. Good to have Charlie back.

Well that's it for me. Feel free to chime in...

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