Sunday, November 20, 2005

Toya's Ramblings While She Lies on The Couch Cursing Eve for Her Monthly Troubles

1. Please check out the funniest blog I have ever seen in my life, Tia commented that this is what our blog would be like if we didn't hold back and trust me, as open as we may seem, we hold back a whole lot.
2. I found a live performance by Thicke on and it is PRECIOUS. Check it out.
3. When will Avant realize that he is NOT R.Kelly?

4. And speaking of R. Kelly, as annoyed as we are with Trapped In the Closet Parts 1-96, Tia and I will both admit that we cannot front on the fact that when he releases his CD full of remixes, we are trying to cop that along with Dru Hill's Greatest Hits and Jodeci's Greatest Hits. Aww, the 90's...

5. I have watched the BET 25 Special about 8 times now and am still convinced that the best moment was when BET 25 suddenly turned into Motown 25 and Bobby Brown broke out into "My Prerogative" ala Michael Jackson doing "Billie Jean". I swear, he is the Eddie Kane (Five Heartbeats) of our generation but I love him too death. I am surprised that my neighbors did not call the cops when New Edition was on because I was surely screaming like someone had stabbed me. They still cannot be touched.
6. Rent comes out this week with Jesse L. Martin. Lord, hold my mule... (only a few of yall will get that). I was excited about seeing it because it also stars Taye Diggs and Rosario Dawson. However, I am having second thoughts because

Sarah Silverman is in it and I cannot stand her after reading this in Rolling Stone:

She doesn't want to bear her own children. She has her real answer why: "I like kids, and I might adopt sometime in my forties, but outside of vanity, I can't find a reason for having my own right now," she says. And then she has her joke answer: "I always think I should get on it if I want to have kids. Because once you hit thirty it can be difficult to conceive -- it can be dangerous. The best time to conceive is when you're a black teenager."

WHAT THE @$%& !

7. Where is Res?
8. I OFFICIALLY hate The Black Eyed Peas and think that "My Humps" is the worst song since "My Neck, My Back". I give them 6 months before Fergie is on The Surreal Life.
9. I JUST started listening to Marc Broussard. I know, I know...


I won tickets to go see Kanye West and Fantasia last week and I do not want to hear one more word about Beyonce' ever again in my life. Why? Because Fantasia closed her set with Aerosmith's "Dream On" and is now my new hero. She ripped her entire set and had me singing "Baby Mama" like I was one.
11. Why is Jerry Springer still on the air? I would ask the same about "Cheaters" but umm, I am watching it right now. "Cheaters" is the worst show in the world for commitment phobes like me to watch but man, it is so entertaining! Oh my goodness, they have The Best of Cheaters on DVD!!!!! Ugh!
12. Speaking of guilty pleasures, I am hooked on Sex and the City now. I discovered that we also have it On Demand and fell in love with it because outside of the sex, I know all of those women on that show. I am a "Carrie" and Tia is DEFINITELY a Miranda. So as it stands, I will have to start watching it on TBS. Forget it. I need to stop watching it cause frankly, it's girl porn. I need to go cold turkey. Is it too early for New Year's resolutions?
13. Former love of my life Mos Def is MARRIED. Yes, he recently got married. And what was the response of at least 3 of my friends when I gave them the news via text?

"Well, at least you still have Common".

I still don't understand how one can doubt that there is a God. How in the world can you think that some atoms bumped into each other by happenstance and created somethin this fine?
13. To continue on the God's finest creations and guilty pleasures themes, Tia came downstairs one night and turned on Freddie Prinze's new show "Freddie". At first I was puzzled because the writing seemed so lame and she stood in front of the tv as if she was waiting for something. I watched her watch the TV for a while and then turned to look at the screen to find out what she was waiting on. When I found out, I screamed all the way until the commercials came on.

Three of my favorite words in the english language after Malcolm Jamal Warner...

Brian Austin Green. Yes Lawd!!!

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