Sunday, November 27, 2005

Simon Cowell Likes Coloured Girls - tia

Okay see I have this problem. I LOVE the British. Everyday I read the same online newspapers:,, and I read about the goings on in the land that I would gladly live in if it weren't for the horrible weather.

Anyway, as I perused the headlines today I saw this, "I'm having Sinitta's baby...and Simon Cowell will be the godfather." The thing that got my attention was the picture of the very pretty BLACK girl next to the headline. I ventured a guess that she was Sinitta. I mean how many white people do you know are going to name their daughters something that ethnic?

As I read the story, I realized that Simon and this Sinitta person used to date. For a and on for 18 years. They're so close that recently she went to his house and cleaned out his fridge. She said he was getting too fat. (I wonder what Simon's supermodel girlfriend Terri Seymour, who is a little coloured looking too by the way, thought about that?)

At this point I was curious. I wanted to know who this sistah was. And well, you have to love the internet. You can pretty much find any sort of interesting (read: pointless) information about anyone who was famous at any given time. Apparently, this Sinitta was a pop star of sorts back in the 80s. There are Jody Watley type pictures of her all over the place. But the picture that really made me ask questions was this one:

WHO IS THIS BROAD AND HOW DID SHE GET DOWN WITH BRAD PITT LIKE THIS? Leg all up and over his chest and he just grinnin'. His smile is real Kid Rock hand on the booty (only a select few will understand that reference.) The next question is, "Is this the same chick that Brad has been photographed with before or does Brad like us like THAT?" Does he feel that the closest thing he can get to a sistah is a full lipped Angelina Jolie? (whom I don't hate or anything.) Because if that is the case I'm here to let a boy know that we can be down. He can holla. I will be his people. We can talk. And I know I am not alone.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I think like women and unlike some of other men can appreciate the beauty of women of all group. By the way Jen Aniston has really thin lips lol what happen there.

Anonymous said...

who cares?