Monday, November 21, 2005

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be On Bad Boy...-Toya

Tia and I are watching Making the Band 3 1/2 (it's been two seasons with the same idea and they still don't have a girl group yet)perplexed as all get out. Why are people still chasing Puffy (I will not call him Diddy, I will not) for record deals? When was the last time that Puffy broke an act successfully? Every act that Puffy has had has left him: 112, The Lox, Faith Evans, etc. Let's face it, Puffy promotes HIMSELF through his acts. You get signed to Bad Boy and your video is basically a Puffy commercial with you as his backup singers.

To use Puffy's phrase, the "crescendo" was when Andre Harrell turned to the ONE girl on the whole show that can sing and said that she had a gift from God, "an ANOINTMENT", as he put it.

As Jerome on Martin used to say, "Stop the presses, stop the damn presses!!!!"

An anointment???? As in some sort of holy Neosporin?

Combined, Puffy and Andre Harrell possess two of the worst track records in the industry. Could it be that the reason that they are having such a problem finding a solid group is because artists are finally hip to the fact that a career with Puffy is a fast TRANSCONTINENTAL EXPRESS-way to a 2 minute "Whatever Happened To" segment on Entertainment Tonight? Honestly, I am so sick. Do we really need another group of Pussycat Dolls?

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