Thursday, October 27, 2005

not funny tia
hell to the naw

I have been known to laugh at things that are not funny. Things that are supposed to be sad, tragic, scary. Not in real life mind you. But on television, the radio and the web. For instance, last week I saw a commercial for Saw 2. Toya was sitting on the couch doing something and I was sprawled on the floor across the throw pillows wasting brain cells. In the commercial a guy gets shot. I laughed. Toya looked at me and said, "Something is wrong with you." But what she didn't see was that right before the guy got shot a girl told him not to do what it was that got him shot. Nobody wants to listen to the crazy girl until it's too late.

Anyway, I have a tendency to laugh at things that others may not find amusing. But THIS...THIS MESS IS FUNNY. It is freakin' hilarious to me. If you don't not come from any sort of religious background the site is lost on you. But if you have ever, ever, ever gone to church particularly a COGIC church, you'll appreciate the humour. Although I do wonder if this (and laughing at it) falls under the category of mocking the Holy Spirit. In which case it ceases to be funny. Be sure to check out the "shop" for descriptions.

Big ups to Lightchild from making this available to the people.

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