Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am so, SO angry.-Toya


We here at BGLU are some serious Thicke fans so we are sad to say that there is no more Thicke. What we have here now is Robin Thicke AKA Thicke abducted by The Neptunes (I swear they are aliens).

Pharrell Williams is the guy that I hate to love. I love him cause he is a cute brotha that can skate board. I hate that I love him because he can't sing and yet insists on "P. Diddying" himself in people's videos.

The new video for the shamefully catchy but otherwise lame song "Wanna Love You Girl" can be found on the site. Maybe I am just mad because Thicke's label/management/the powers that be/ the devil that he sold his soul to did not do him and the classic "A Beautiful World" justice(only a few people are privy to that masterpiece) and he feels that he has to resort to this foolishness which just seems so uninspiring. Or maybe I am still mad that he cut all his hair off. Let's go with both. I just feel that this whole new image is going to have people asking when Justin Timberlake is going to come out with another album.


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