Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I DO Care - tia
(I'm not sure how the duel videos work on the site. You may have to scroll down and stop the Anberlin video to watch this one. Y'all will figure it out.)

I have to admit that I haven't felt no kinda way about Ricky Martin in a long time. I was down for the cause in '99 or so. That was when my obsession with the Brits was hitting full stride I couldn't get enough of all things British. This included World Cup Soccer, the theme song for which(The Cup of Life) was sung by none other that Mr. Menudo himself.

Then Ricky was on the Grammys and people started to forget that he was once on SIlver Spoons. But as we are prone to do as a society, we found something wrong with him (the implications of his affinity for the Y-chomosome individuals) and like a shooting star, Ricky burnt out with a quickness.

Fast forward to 2005/09/20 about 12:45 cst. I'm sitting at my dining room table with Toya getting ready to leave and go back to the office when the new Ricky Martin video comes on. Now mind you, I just had LASIK on Friday. I see JUST FINE. Pretty sure I got up and walked closer to the television because I just KNEW my eyes were in some kind of regression or something. There was NO WAY Ricky Martin came back LIKE THAT.

It was on me before I knew what happened. My chest constricted around my sternum and I SCREAMED. I mean I screamed like someone was beating me. Ricky was like, "SCREW ALL THE NAYSAYERS!!" with this video. He is just....whew. He doesn't care what you think. He got his tats, he got his girl Amerie (at least for his video) and he got his bodeqa (sorry if I spelled it wrong. I'm not Puerto Rican) Fat Joe. He don't care what NONE of y'all haters say.

Baby boy, I'm on board like a champ. Yes. Yes. And more Yes. I hope the album is more of the same.

Ricky Martin ft Amerie & Fat Joe - I Don't Care

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