Sunday, September 18, 2005

Duck and Run - tia

I was fairly subdued. I was tired and still recovering from having a laser on my eyeballs. Then Orlando was standing right in front of us. I found myself screaming, hopping up and down and at one point singing. (I seriously have forgotten the song. For real, my mind can not remember. Shame will do that to you. It's self-preservation, you see.)

Orlando Bloom is fine for no reason whatsoever. He is ignorant fine. He is knuckle-biting fine. He is mighty thin, but he is fine. He is not as tall as I thought he would be, but he is still fine. (Jesus, dry me nigh the cross.) He is FINE. And you know, all he did was further fan my desire to live abroad and marry a European husband.

It was sad and pitiful all at the same time. We were somewhat embarrassed to be there and we didn't want to be seen by anyone that we knew. But if they're there...Nonetheless, every time one of the photographers from The Rage, The Scene or any one of the other papers raised their lens' we were bobbin' and weavin', duckin' and coverin' and doing all things necessary to NOT have our picture taken. But the minute Orly showed up, all shame was thrown to the wind. We ALL (we were there with 4 of our friends who were equally as giddy) morphed into 14-year-old girls. One of my friends almost knocked me to the ground. It's the last time that I will sleep on that chick. I just figured how much damage could a 5'2", 105lbs Asian do? OOOOKAY...

And as with all appearances of celebrities, we were yet again entertained by the antics of the post-adolescent fan. This was a sign made by some...ummm...overzealous fans.

Are those crayons?

I'm thinking that they wanted to use the word "ass" but their moms wouldn't let them. This is when you can imagine me pointing and laughing.

It is his smile that gives me hope. That makes me think,"You too can have a hot European guy for your very own." (many of you may have noticed that I have stopped limiting myself to the Brits. Recently developments have led me to believe that there is a WHOLE continent of options.)

I'm mad at that girl's head. She blocked my view and I was unable to capture the FULL beauty of his smile.

Anyway, I'm fading fast. Just know that we did not wile out. And I have a whole other camera that may contain even more pictures of one of God's greatest creations. Lord if you so desire...

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