Friday, September 16, 2005

BGLU News and Randomness-Toya

Tia and I are back from the doctor's office where she just had laser eye surgery. We are so Rachel and Monica, it is hilarious. I was really glad to be there with her because I could not imagine anyone going through this by themselves. I have a CRAZY phobia of anything to do with eyeballs. Like if I am watching a movie and I think someone's eye is going to pop out or get sucked out or stabbed or something, I get ill. Eyeballs make me nervous. So as much as I was trying to be encouraging and make her laugh, when she went under and I saw the surgery on the screen, I quickly regretted having that Otis Spuddermyer cookie a few minutes before.

While in the waiting room, I was reading Entertainment Weekly and they had an article about the new television season. Now I KNOW I just said that I wasn't that interested in television anymore but that was before I found out who the newest cast member of Half and Half is:


Joey Lawrence has been my guiltiest of pleasures since Blossom. Say what you will, when those Disney movies come out with all of the Lawrence brothers, I watch them every time. Don't even begin to ask me about the plot, premise, what have you about them, especially the one where he is on the ranch. Good God Almighty! I WILL be watching this week. Tia would like to add that she loves him as well. She is on the couch with her eyes closed looking like Ray Charles with these crazy glasses she has to wear for 2 days because of her surgery. I love her too much to laugh at her. Well, to continue to laugh at her anyway.

Also, the new GIRLFRIENDS season starts this week!!!! I'm sorry Oilpastels. It's one of our favorites. I love this show so much and I am absolutely crazy about Tracy Ellis Ross and must admit that she is the object of my current "girl crush". Girl crush is a term Tia and I use when we greatly admire another girl, usually a celebrity, and it is completely non-sexual. Tia has a girl crush on Beyonce'. Don't act like we are the only ones to ever have girl crushes! If anyone had tons of pics of Janet Jackson or Debbie Gibson back in the day, guess what? You have had a girl crush. I also love that cute dark skinned girl from the NERD videos "Frontin" and "Maybe".

My favorite new show has GOT to be Nick Cannon's Wildin' Out. I remember getting a text message while at the John Legend concert from a friend saying "Why is Common on the Nick Cannon show breakdancing!??" Just when I thought I couldn't love Common anymore*sigh* This show is HA-LARIOUS and I think Nick Cannon had a great idea with this.

We are watching the video for The Police's "Synchronicity II" ( actually, I am watching and Tia is listening because she has to keep her eyes closed all night) and have pretty much agreed that we would give up one of our toes to see them do a reunion concert. No lie.

I have been so busy as of late and have not been able to blog about so many things that have happened. Like the whole "George Bush does not care about black people" comment that Kanye West made. I was out one night and got a call from Tag who was in total shock. "You will not believe what Kanye did. Oh my gosh!" So when he got to the "and then Kanye said 'blase' blah" and paused for my reaction, I had none. I was truthfully waiting for the rest. "Can you believe that? I can't believe he said that!" Tag's point was that the telethon was to raise money for the Katrina victims and was not a place for one to express their political views. He felt as if though Kanye was being selfish. So I watched the clip on line for myself. First of all, i know that it was not supposed to be REMOTELY funny but Chris Tucker's reaction afterwards was HA-LARIOUS. It was that "Umm er ruh" type of reaction that just made me laugh everytime I watched it. I'm just wrong like that. But with that aside, I really felt for Kanye because I saw and understood his frustration. It wasn't so much a political stance as much as it was something that he took personally. If you notice when he was talking about the soldiers he very emotionally spoke about the military that were sent down to New Orleans to "shoot US". We later discussed it and I told Tag that I was really interested in knowing what transpired before Kanye went on the air because he looked like he was about to pop. It reminded me about the time I was in a meeting at a place I used to work that worked with youth ministries. We would go to youth worker conferences and me, being the token black person there (I can admit it now) would always be the one to talk to the black youth leaders about their concerns. I felt that the company I worked for had the resources to help a lot of these black youth leaders but had no initiative and had made promises upon promises of all we would do to help them but no one would follow through. So one day, after hearing the same crap time and time again about what we did was all about the youth, I spoke up. I was very choked up and could barely get my words out. "You know (insert boss' name here), when you say this is all about the youth, I wonder if you are talking about all youth or just white youth. If it's white youth then tell me so I know where I stand. let me know what I am working with here." Then I added something about what these urban youth workers were up against and how no one there seemed to care about them and then I burst into tears. Was it the most appropriate thing to say in the middle of a company meeting? Probably not. But I had gotten to the point where I was taking their negligence personally. I aint mad at Kanye.

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