Saturday, September 17, 2005


We just received word that Orlando Bloom will be all but a 20 minute drive from us tomorrow afternoon for the movie premiere of "Elizabethtown". Who decided to do this in Franklin, TN either does not know that Tia and I live here or well...I don't know. We are seriously considering setting up a Paypal account for those that would like to contribute to our bail money because I do not doubt that we will both wile the heck out. I am not saying that we will try to roll up on Orlando but it is Tia and I and well, things tend to "just happen" when we are together. Pics coming soon and hopefully they won't include mugshots.

And when is THIS guy coming to Tennessee???????

They must have warned Mos Def already.
Tag and I sat on the couch for about 4 hours one night watching Def Poetry Jam because much to Tia's regret, she showed me how to work the Comcast HBO on Demand function on our cable. This meant that at anytime at my leisure, I could watch Mos Def. I did not act right. We were all supposed to go to the movies but because I was now aware that I had access to instant Mos Def, I was glued. It has now "mysteriously" disappeared. I'm not saying Tia is to blame for it but if she is, she helped me out because it was surely becoming a problem.

Check out the new issue of Vibe for a tribute to Luther Vandross that is most well deserved. I was pretty dissappointed with how his passing did not get more press in magazines. Maybe it was just a big deal to me. Anyhow, it is a great issue and it has an article on that movie Afro-Punk and the Afro-Punk scene that inspired the movie. I am really going to need this movie to be on DVD REAL soon. The next page after the article has a fashion spread of black skaters. I almost passed out. A brother that skates? Lord, if you so desire to bless me, let it be so, let it be!

Okay, this is just ignorant.

Dear Mr. Mayer,
We don't know who told you to grow your hair out, get some highlights and start using "product" on it but we are for real going to need you to stop. This is unneccessary and making it difficult for us to act accordingly. We suggest that you don't come to Nashville either.

You've been warned,

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