Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yes, Lord...For the rest of my days - tia

I started a post earlier and referenced an MMC dvd I say in Target. (Still working on the post by the way.) I decided to just go ahead and buy the dvd. I figured it was only $10. What did I have to lose?

When I tell you that I SCREAMED like someone was beating me, please believe that I am not exagerrating. Someone at Disney FINALLY caught the vision and made old MMC episodes available for the people. I haven't even watched them yet. I'm waiting on Toya. I can't watch this alone. Because if ANY one of these episodes has Ryan Gossling singing Cry For You aka Baby I'm Beggin', I'm going to need someone to be here to make sure I don't hit my head when I pass out.

Please support. Go buy it. Maybe if enough of these sell they'll put out more out. And then I can relive the days when JC was my baby, Chase had bad hair and Dale was...he was Dale.

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