Sunday, August 21, 2005

Don't be that girl - tia

Okay, first and foremost, I realized the other day that I'm tired of the boy drama. We used to have fun. We used to maul celebrities. We used to laugh at people who tried to bow up in our cyberspace. Now, not so much. So I have decided it's time to bring the fun back. I'm sure that there will still be boy drama, but I'm going to try to have more fun. At least as much fun as a person can have when she spends 3-4 days a week on the road.

That said...

I swear I just saw Jigga in the St. Louis airport. I was walking to the Hertz shuttle bus and I saw someone who looked like Jigga (or Jigga himself?) walk out of the restroom. Crisp striped dress shirt, clean kicks, hat cocked to the side, sunglasses, and that mouth. You know maybe it wasn't Jigga. But I had to stop myself from screaming, "JIGGA!!!!!"

I texted Toya and all she said was, "Don't be that girl. Don't be like the girl in the Mike Jones video." I had to laugh. All I could see was some guy trying to stop me as I ran up to him:

Where you goin'

Get out my way, I'm going to see Jigga.

Jigga ain't seein' nobody today!!!!

And it all ends with me getting gripped up around my armpits. It so would have been worth it though..

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