Friday, July 29, 2005

My Favorite Mistake- Toya
Hey, I don't know anything about the whole "Lance Armstrong left his wife and kids for Sheryl Crow" thing. What I do know is that she is one bad chick.

I remember coming home one night after kickin' it with Tag thinking "You are playing with fire. OH you are DEFINITELY playing with fire." It's no secret that I spaz out at times and the next day I thought that I was just overreacting. But now...

The thing is this: there is a part of me that asks the question "If you weren't so afraid about what others would say, what would you do?" and then the other part says "It doesn't matter what anybody says. It's a NO GO."

Funny enough, I am more comfortable and more relaxed in my friendship with Tag than ever before. Maybe a little bit TOO comfortable. The last thing I want is to come on this blog with a "See what had happened was" story when I know good and well that crossing the line with him could have been avoided by some accountability and common sense. I really, really, REALLY hope that God is not trying to test my self-control because I told God from the door, when Tag came back into the picture, "God if this is a test, I know I can't pass this." Part of me wants to just believe that we are simply just developing our friendship. That was until, well, I can't put all my business out there, now can I?

My dad used to say, "some people just don't believe doo doo stinks". Somewhere along the line, I think I lost my sense of smell.

Homeland Security Alert: Red.

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