Friday, July 1, 2005

I (Toya) found out about Luther Vandross' death today at the airport. My friend Nikki swore that she heard it on CNN. I immediately called Tia and asked if she knew. I wasn't sure if the long silence that followed was because she was in shock or because she didn't want to tell me. "Grant text messaged me an hour ago", she said. Because she has lived with me for the past 3 years, she knows me well enough to not tell me these type of things until I get home. I tried to ask her how it happened but then I just gave the phone to Nikki, covered my face and started crying.
I remember the first time I heard Luther Vandross. I was 8 years old and staying the weekend in Baltimore. My parent's friends had the "Never Too Much" record and were playing "Never Too Much". At 8 years old I knew that I was listening to a voice and a style of singing that I had never ever heard before. It was nothing less than perfection. I can't believe this. Our singers are dying and there is no one to replace them.
My first concert that I went to with my father was to go see Luther Vandross. I remember he came out during the infamous "Luther Vandross/Envogue" tour and I screamed "it's him, it's him!!!!" It's not that I had a crush on Luther or anything. It was just amazing for me to see the man that sang the songs that have been such an integral part of the soundtrack of my life.
I really can't write too much more because this has been a rough couple of days. We had an out of town show and my turntables never made it on time and came back damaged. Then, after yet another long anus layover, an allergy attack, and darn near cussing the guy out at the US Airways counter, I find out that my absolute favorite male vocalist of all time has died. I am spent.
Here are my top 5 favorite Luther Vandross songs. Feel free to share yours:
1) Forever, For Always For Love (FAVORITE OF ALL TIME, the rest are in no particular order)
2) Make Me a Believer
3) I Who Have Nothing
4) Because It's Really Love ("all my worries fall into place when I think about your face" is one of my favorite lyrics ever)
5) Never Too Much

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