Monday, June 20, 2005

We Will Miss Ron Winans- Toya

The passing of Ron Winans has affected us all deeply on a number of levels. For one, he is the uncle of a dear friend of ours so we are mourning with them. However, even though no one in this house carries the last name Winans, we are mourning for us too. My first concert was a Winans concert. Renee's dad who recently passed was a big Winans fan, along with the the rest of our parents. The Winans family has played such a significant part in the soundtrack of our lives. More so, they have been such a Godly example of how to raise a family that prays together and stays together.

I remember when I interned at Boyz II Men's studio and how amazed I was at how they, Jodeci, and countless other R&B singers respectfully "jacked" the vocal stylings of Commissioned and The Winans. I listen to Winans songs now and catch things that I never heard before. Every now and then a lyric will catch me in a brand new way. Chances are if you are black, grew up in a black church and are over 22, your whole household was doing some cleaning on a Saturday morning while listening to some Winans. The senior choir at your church probably murdered a couple of their hits as well and their was always that one dude with the falsetto that SWORE they could sing "Tomorrow" better than the actual record.

Crazy enough, I just recently bought a Winans CD because it hit me that I have none on CD and always played my moms record on our 8-Track stereo (man I am showing my age now). Yesterday I put on the "Let My People Go" record and darn near wore the groove out of my new favorite Winans song "Straighten My Life Out".

Ron Winans was that "bring it on home" kind of singer. We don't have too many of them left and most of the ones we do have are probably Winans anyway. JUST last week I was talking to a producer friend of mine about when they were on Oprah and he sang "Oh Holy Night" better than any other person I had ever heard. It gave me chills as a kid. He was that kind of singer. Not to mention, he holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to the beauty that is chicken and waffles at Glady and Ron's Chicken and Waffles Restaurant in Atlanta.

There was nothing like the Winans before them and there will be nothing even close to them after them. We respect, cherish and are grateful for their legacy.

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