Tuesday, March 30, 2004

"They'll be sad songs to make you cry..." by Toya

I am one weird chick. I freely admit to this. There are certain things about myself that I just dont get. Thankfully, I have found a revelation to one of the biggest questions I have had about myself: why do I have this fascination for 80's Soft Pop?

I mean like AM Gold, soft pop: Toto, Genesis, Ambrosia, Air Supply, James Ingram, Wilson Phillips, Patti Austin, Journey, Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Olivia Newton-John... the list goes on an on. I have wondered about this for years. Now, finally it is all so clear to me whyI like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain:

When I was a little girl, I had a lot of allergy problems and so did my brother. Also, my brother had asthma and I had jacked up teeth, acne and bad eyesight so we STAYED in the doctor's office. Well it was the doctor's office where I just started to fall in love with all of these sappy songs. I vividly remember having to get a shot and hearing "Baby Come to Me". I remember sitting at the allergist and hearing Jack Wagner's "All I Need". Another reason why is that my parents gave me a radio that only had AM on it. I remember sitting by my radio one Sunday afternoon, waiting all day to hear Kenny Loggins' "Heart to Heart". Kids were outside waiting for the ice cream truck and I was in my room listening to Christopher Cross.

I didn't say that finding this out makes me any less weird. I am just saying that now I understand. I wish I could explain the sheer elation and memories when I hear James Taylor's "Her Town" or the joy I feel when I hear "Even the Nights Are Better". I simply can't put it into words. This is why I don't understand people who can't care less about music. Where do you find your joy for crying out loud?

Here are just some of my favorite sappy 80's pop artists and my favorite songs of theirs:

1. Journey-"Who's Crying Now" "Faithfully" "Open Arms" and "Don't Stop Believin'" (Side Note: Steve Perry "Foolish Heart" and "Oh Sherry")
2. Chicago- "Hard Habit to Break" "Look Away" "Will You Still Love Me" (Another Side Note" Peter Cetera "Next Time I Fall In Love" "Glory of Love")
3. Foreigner "I Want to Know What Love Is" and one of my top 10 favorites of all time "Waiting for a Girl Like You"
4. Debarge- "Who's Holding Donna Now" "All This Love" "Love Always"
6. Every James Ingram/Patti Austin duet and solo effort
7. Lionel Richie- "Penny Lover" "Love Will Find A Way" "You are the Sun..."
8. Ambrosia"Biggest Part of Me" "You're the Only Woman"-That is MY JAM!!!!
9. Gino Vanelli- "I Just Wanna Stop" "Living Inside Myself"
10. Kool and the Gang "Jo Anna" "Cherish" "Too Hot"

In the immortal words of Elton John, Sad songs they say so much...so turn 'em on!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

I'm so angry about this on so many different levels. I don't want to believe it. Do what you do best. I don't like change.

And, was Bobby here with him?

by tia

We are so lazy

I have come to my wits end trying to figure out why this country is so lazy. We are truly a microwave nation. We want everything quick and easy. Including our food. We are one of the most obese nations in the free world. And no one wants to take responsibility for it. I’m not going to front like I didn’t use to kill a super sized Big Mac meal. But I didn’t like feeling like I was going to pass out every time I walked up a flight of steps. So I started working out and got back in shape. (But according to the BMI, I’m still obese. That BMI chart is for skinny white people. Apologies to our white readers, but it is. So I’m supposed to weigh 145 at 5’9”? Let me tell you why that ain’t happenin’ 1. My bones by themselves weigh 150 lbs. 2. My butt and thighs add 20 lbs to that. So I’m WAY outside the window….Moving on) Anyway, everyday I am utterly amazed by the products/services that our offered to keep us ridiculous lazy. Here are few of the recent products that just make me wonder:

In case you haven’t seen the recent media blitz for this product (and you may not have because now that I think about it the only time I see this commercial is when I’m watching cartoons. And then they wonder why NONE of the kids can do a chin-up during National Fitness Week. Y’all remember those?) The product advertises a new, easier way to eat Doritos. Are they kidding? How hard is it to stuff a chip in one’s mouth? Have we become so lazy that putting a half an inch corn chip in our mouths is too much work? Oh dear Lord, help us.

The Disposable Toilet Brush from Mr. Clean
I could almost justify this one. Except that the product says that there’s no scrubbing involved. Two Words. Bull Crap. I have NEVER NOT had to scrub a toilet. It may have something to do with my anal tendencies and the fact that my gag reflex is easily aggravated by toilet funk, but that’s beside the point. I understand they want to make the job easier. But don’t lie to the people. Besides it won’t kill you to get on your knees and work that good old fashion $.97 toilet brush around. It’ll build some character.

Baddest Chick
This week’s Baddest Chick Award goes to Stacey Dash. Why, you ask, because she has apparently installed a fountain of youth in her back yard. I was watching television with my brother the other day when we came across Making The Video with Kanye West. (I thought the video was sorta wack. But maybe it’s just me. Interesting concept, but there could have been more.) Ms. Dash played the love interest in the video. Y’all believe me when I say that the girl has not aged. AT ALL. I was telling my brother that she was at least in her early to mid-thirties. He didn’t believe me. I didn’t blame him. She looks exactly like she did 10 years ago in Clueless. But I looked it up, if for nothing else than to prove him wrong, and sure enough the girl is in her 30s. She’s 38 to be exact. One question: How can I be down?

For the Basketball Fans
Is anyone else’s bracket totally blown because of the Kentucky loss? And while I’m thinking about it, could someone please explain to me where Nevada came from? My whole St. Louis bracket is dead because of those two teams.

6 more days
Look Kids, Big Ben…Parliament

Caught Up
I was fortunate enough to catch the Michael McDonald and Friends concert on PBS. If you haven’t seen it I highly advise BUYING it. It is a BGLU necessity. Mike is a bad man. And Mike “and Friends” ought to be illegal. I about lost my mind watching Mike sing HITS. Patti LaBelle, Kenny Loggins, and The Doobie Brothers were among the array of amigos that stopped by to help Mike hurt me for 2 hours. And I must make an aside, a parenthetical departure if you will, about Kenny Loggins. Kenny Loggins is one of the most ridiculous men walking the planet. Kenny has HITS, HITS and more HITS. This Is It should have been titled I Sing Hits. That man can sang and he has hooks for yo’ behind. I’m getting down right giddy just thinking about it. I don’t understand people that don’t feel Kenny. If all you know of him is the Footloose soundtrack then you have been sorely deprived. Kenny writes songs for the people. You’ve got your smooth jazz (Leap of Faith), you’ve got you synthesized 80’s pop/rock (No Lookin’ Back), you’ve got your Negro spiritual (Celebrate Me Home) and of course, there’s Heart to Heart which is in a category all it’s own. And we won’t even go into the Loggins and Messina tracks.

Go, right now, and pick up The Essential Kenny Loggins. For you, for your children and for your children’s children. You may never again have the chance to own I’m Free.

And one last thing
I can see it all now. He put down his Prada bag and slapped the mess out of that man. RAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

RaNdOm ThOuGhTs
bY tIa

Customer Service is Dead
I needed change for $10. Instead of asking the woman behind the counter for “one 5, 4 ones and 4 quarters” I just bought a pack of gum. I handed her the ten and she looked at me like I’d just run over her dog. Then she asked, in a right surly manner I might add, “You don’t have change?!” You know what…NO I DON’T.

And then there was the woman at the hotel. All I wanted was a bottle of water. The one in the room was $2.50, a mite pricey in my opinion. So I went down the lobby to see if I could find a cheaper bottle. Unfortunately the bottles downstairs were half the size of the one in my room but just as costly. I kindly asked the desk clerk if she would mind adding the one from my room to my bill. She told me that it would be added when housekeeping came up the next day. Now try to follow me. If I check out before housekeeping comes and adds the expense anus water to my room charges, the bill that I will get at check out won’t be accurate, thus making the expense report that I do when I get back to office inaccurate as well. “Well, yes” she said. Ummm…then why don’t you just add it now so that when I check out everything can go on the AMEX at one time. “Well, housekeeping will do it when they come up tomorrow.” “I’ll be gone by then.” (Meeting across town at 10, you see) Curtly and with eyes heavily rolling, “Do you just want me to add the water to your bill now?” Am I in the freakin’ Twilight Zone? Wasn’t that the first thing out of my mouth? And why is it such a PROBLEM for you to do your freakin’ job? Add the bloody water to my bill and do it with a smile…

In case you’re wondering, NO, I didn’t say that. Thought it though, which is just as bad.

Am I asking too much? I’m not a demanding customer. I don’t ask for a lot. When I go to Starbucks I do order a tall decaf caramel frappucino with one pump of hazelnut and no whip cream, but that’s usually the most complicated request I make for the month. But apparently service with a smile went out with jelly shoes and finger-penned jeans.

Okay it’s gone too far

I’m just a girl
There are times when I hate being a girl. Girls can be catty, insecure, destructive, flighty and desperate. I found myself being one of the preceding adjectives at least once in the last month or so. I hated girls growing up. In grade school I liked boys because they had the cooler toys and got to go camping in Boy Scouts. (Now you couldn’t PAY me to sleep outside on the ground. Roughing it is staying in a hotel that doesn’t have room service.) In junior high and high school, I preferred the company of guys because for the most part they never tried to steal your boyfriends, didn’t talk about you behind your back, and pretty much accepted you the way you were. Most of them didn’t care that you could out sprint them in the 50-yard dash. The only down side to being one of the guys is that you were one of the guys. By the time I got to college I was convinced that most girls were from the devil and they hated me. I even had a shirt that said, “Chicks Hate Me.” I think I shunned girls because I didn’t want to be like them. Girls truly DID have cooties and they were contagious.

Alas, somewhere along the way I let my guard down. First it was dresses, then it was make-up and then it was all down hill. I have been jealous, spiteful, vindictive, mean-spirited, pompous and judgmental. And it was all in the name of femininity. I have lost all cool points giggling like a ninny around a boy and I am not proud of it. I have made a mockery of what it means to be a double-X chromosome individual.

Well, today is a day of reckoning. No longer will I buy into the lie that says that I have to be a dense, backstabbing, twit to be a girl. Never again will I hamstring my fellow chica to catch a boy’s eye. Desperation is not attractive. And if anyone catches me doing something unbecoming of the gender, feel free to throw rocks at me.

Cash Money Trash
Some one at work was talking cash money –ish the other day. This poor uninformed soul ignorantly stated that he could, are you ready for this, whoop me at Need For Speed: Underground. Ala Bernie Mac in Ocean’s Eleven, “You betta talk to him.” Somebody better let him know. Don’t let the girlie clothes and a make-up fool you. Bring it on. Any time, anywhere. Me and my ridiculously tricked out RX-7 will MAKE YOU CRY. Actually, it’s time to trade my car in. So I’ll get back to you on which car I will be driving. It will be the car furthest in front of you.

If you’re in the mood for further embarrassment, feel free to challenge my roommate to a game of Tekken. I would love the opportunity to prance around you singing, “You got beat by girls. You got beat by girls.”

I was watching High Fidelity on Sunday with Toya. Do guys really think like that?

No, Sweetheart
Don’t you love it when you meet someone who has been misinformed about themselves? Someone at some point and time led them to believe that they’re bad anus. But you know someone told them wrong. Oh I love that. I met a girl like that the other in, of all places, Claire’s. Okay first off you’re in CLAIRE’S for crying out loud. We’re both looking at hot pink puffy glitter pens and mini-Hello Kitty book bags. But all the teeth sucking when I’m in your way and heavy breathing when I pass by you, is so unnecessary. I don’t know who told you, but the told you wrong. We live by the wish factor…I wish you would….

(I spend a lot of time praying about my attitude. For the longest time I wanted people to turn the other cheek…so that I could punch them in that one too.

Random Question
When will I finally realize that I'm not 22? For some reason I can't seem to get my mind to wrap around the fact that I'm didn't just leave college. If I didn't know how old I really am I would think I was 22. Does this feeling ever leave? Not that I want to feel old. But I would like to stop feeling like I'm playing "grown-up."

One more thing…
I leave for London 2 weeks from today. But I need some help. In the movie What A Girl Wants Amanda Bines (sp?) goes shopping with her dad at what appears to be a street market down by the Thames. Does ANYONE know what area of the city that is? How do I get there? Which tube do I need to ride to get there? Help a sistah out.

Kenny Loggins Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs...- Toya

Ever ask God for a sign and you hear nothing but wind and tumbleweeds? I was watching Juanita Bynum and she very plainly told me to my face (through the camera of course) "Why should God give you a sign when you haven't held onto the last thing He told you?" I turned off my television after that, bent down and picked up the pieces of my cracked face and trudged off to bed.

A really strange thing happened to me about 4 years ago that for some reason I totally forgot about. I had just moved here and two of my friends and I went to a barbecue at someone's house that I knew before I moved from Jersey. I was pretty excited to meet everyone they had been telling me about, excited to be getting some free food and really excited about meeting some cute guys. While sitting on the porch and enjoying the atmosphere I heard one of my girlfriends talking to a guy about sports. I am not a big sports fan so I paid them no mind. For some reason the conversation came my way and I noticed that she was trying to wow him with all of her sports knowledge. Turned out he was a professional athelete. So I am watching this all go down because women are sooooo FUNNY when it comes to trying to impress a guy. It was quite enjoyable to watch actually. So for some reason she got up and this guy and I are just sitting there and we start talking about youth ministry. The more he talked about his love for God, kids and life, the more I got that Jan Brady gaze in my eyes. You know the one where her head turns sideways and her mouth is hung slightly open? It was at that moment that I knew I had just met the most amazingly beautiful man I had ever seen in my entire life. Mind you I had been at this house for about 3 hours and paid him not a bit of mind. The more he talked, the less air passed through my lungs. So as the conversation came to a close and he got up to go inside, I immediately thought"I must follow this man. He has to see me in action. I must be witty and I must be smart". As I started to prop myself up from the deck I heard this voice say"If you trust me, you will sit your tail down." I was so startled that I looked around because I knew that SURELY everyone heard that. I was scared to death and couldn't move. Then I heard it again,"If you trust me, you will SIT DOWN !".

Before anyone writes me and suggest that I get on some sort of medication, it wasn't an audible voice. It was one that spoke directly to my spirit and this has never happened before or since. I was probably on my way to the biggest embarrassment of my life. I slowly sat back down and stayed in that very spot for two whole hours. I was the only girl on the porch and everyone was inside playing Mafia and music trivia games. MUSIC TRIVIA! No one in that room was better than music trivia than me. Still, there was no way that I was going in that room. First of all, I was afraid. Second of all, I was still trying to figure out what the heck had just happened. Why would God tell me that? Am I in trouble? When can I get up then? I didn't know what to do. Two hours later, everyone got off the porch because it got dark and I went inside as to not even make eye contact with this man. Most of us were leaving and I thought even though it would be nice to say "Goodbye, nice talking with you" I avoided him at all cost. Strangely enough, while I was in the kitchen, he came in and said "Oh,just wanted to tell you goodbye." I smiled, and said goodbye and said nothing of what happened the whole ride home.

Please hear what I am saying: What I heard was "If you trust me, you will sit down" not "If you trust me you will sit down and you will have this man". That was not the point at all. The point was that I needed to stop doing things in my own strength. I needed to stop trying to impress people and let God do the work. I needed to relax. I simply needed to let God be God. I was on my way to making an idiot of myself and His grace stopped me. Look, I know how I was 4 years ago. I would have WILED OUT that night! I have been thinking about that day more and more lately and that message applies to every area of my life. I am always looking for some sort of sign or inner voice and I got it loud and clear four years ago: trust Him.

By the way, I have seen this guy about 4 or 5 times since that day. He is still wonderful, still beautiful and still, hands down one of the most amazing people I have ever met to this very day. And I have met even more wonderful guys. One day I will meet a wonderful guy and we'll hang out and discover that we were made for each other. One day, I will stop working two jobs and be successful in the career that I am gifted in and will excel greatly. One day, I will be financially comfortable and won't have to wait until my next pay check to pay my utility bill. One day, but not now. Until then and even after then, I have to stick to what God told me last and that was to trust Him.
Toya's 10 Random Thoughts

I work non stop all day and crazy random thoughts are constantly in my head. Not enough to turn into full fledge entries, but enough to keep me chuckling and saying,"hmm..." (actually more like, "you know I might want to get checked")

1. Why is Anberlin so daggone good!? I got their debut CD almost a year ago and am more in love with it now than I was then. Their band's lead singer, Stephen (Tia's crush) has the most distinctive lead vocals out there. Everyone else sounds either whiny or darn near suicidal. You must love Anberlin...embrace Anberlin...buy their CD...
2. A sign you need to go to the gym: I was at Starbucks pouring coffee grounds and when I stopped, I noticed something white shaking on my left, kinda in the background. You know, in my lower peripheral? So I looked over my shoulder, saw nothing and went about my business. I kept pouring and when I stopped I noticed it again. How about it was my sleeve? Apparently, my biceps are like those brand new car rims that keep spinnin' when you stop. My arms apparently keep shaking when I stop. Needless to say, I am taking my tail to the YMCA this Saturday and getting a membership.
3. Gay Marriage:there really is no argument here. I will say this: you are going to start seeing a lot of straight people marrying each other. Think I'm lying? The average age of women that marry for the first time is getting higher and higher. I told my God Sister that if we were both not married by the age of 40 that we may as well go ahead and marry each other. We don't have to be "together", but shoot, I want my tax break too. And she makes the best red beans and rice this side of New Orleans. I'm just sayin'.
4. When are we having Matt Grace and his wife over for dinner and where on earth did he buy a Daewoo? Couldn't have been in Nashville.
5. Why is Usher's "Yeah!" my guilty pleasure song of the moment? Normally. I hate all things Lil' Jon but there is a small part of me that wants to dance like Carmen Electra when I hear it.
6. Why is it that in high school, listening to The Cure used to make me depressed but listening to it now brings nothing but sheer happiness?
7. At what age do you stop collecting pins and wearing them on your messenger bag and where is my Duran Duran pin?
8. It honestly should be against the law to work two jobs. There needs to be a salary minimum for anyone over 25. I know I am working at the place where I am supposed to be right now but when they told me how much I would be making I wanted to ask "You know I am almost 30 right? I didn't get here straight from high school and am not taking this job because I no longer want to continue getting up at 4 am for my paper route."
9. Why won't Matt Smith from the Real World marry me?
10. You are simply not going to like everybody. I am constantly around a person who I simply do not like, am not going to like, and can't stand. Regardless, I have to be around them. We are called to love our neighbor but I really don't believe that Jesus LIKED everyone. I wonder if he ever saw the Pharisees coming and turned to John like "oh here come these busters". I don't know. He's great though. I love Him.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Toya's Boyfriend of the Month-Ol' School

Because I work 2 jobs and am working on another one as I type this, I figured I would pay homage to a man that also is known to "get the job done"...

I Work...Baby!!!

"Can I get a yes"
"No !"
"I aint happy"
- Lean on Me

HAVE MERCY!!! Remember when rappers were FOIN!? At least we had a choice back then: Special Ed, LL, Rakim. But now, I don't know if they don't want the rappers lookin' better than the girls in the videos but you have to ugly up in order to get a record deal. What happened! Big Daddy Kane used to HURT me back in the day. He could rhyme, he could dance, and he was just, just , just CHOCOLATE. They want to say that Wesley Snipes brought the dark skinned brothers back but I beg to differ. I forgot all about El Debarge once Big Daddy Kane stepped onto the scene. Big Daddy Kane was IT. I remember all of my posters from Black Beat and Right On. Even dated a guy with a dope fade and three cuts in his eyebrows. Kane was a pretty brotha. Aww, the love...

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Passion of Christ-My thoughts-Toya
I sat and flinched during the movie, strategically covering my eyes as to only be able to see the subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Even so, my body tensed each time I heard the incessant whipping and flogging. I uncovered my face at various points of the movie to make myself come face to face with the reality of what happened on that torturous but victorious day. And as the crowd yelled “Crucify him” and sent an innocent man to a death only fit for thieves, murderers and sinners, I sat there slumped over in the chair next to me facing the grim reality of who I would be if Jesus had not suffered so.

I wish that I could say that I would have been like the woman in the movie who ran to Jesus and wiped his bloody, scar-ridden face and offered him something to drink. I would even settle for being like Peter which really would not be settling at all because even though he denied Christ, he repented and went on to change the world by spreading the good news. I could kid myself and say that I know that without a doubt that I would have walked with Christ to the end but I know better. It is quite likely that I would have been one of those people in the crowd yelling, “Crucify him!” This is not a revelation that most people would feel comfortable facing or admitting. Believe me, I am not proud of it.

During this movie, I came face to face to who I am without Christ: just a religious, prideful, overly-critical human being going through the motions of religion without truly having a relationship with God. The people that yelled “Crucify” and sent Jesus to his death were not those that did not believe in God. In fact, these were religious people that upheld religious traditions and values more consistently than the average Christian, myself included: these people fasted, worshipped, and tithed regularly. They upheld the Sabbath. They studied and knew the Word of God backwards and forwards and went about quoting it and discussing it in the temples regularly. Some were even well educated in the teachings of the bible so they surely knew of the coming Messiah that the early scriptures spoke of. Even so, they maliciously called for the execution of a righteous man and why? Because this man exposed the very evils of their hearts. “How dare he say that he is the Messiah when he heals on the Sabbath?” some of them may have thought. “How dare he tell us to love our enemies and pray for them? How dare he sit with sinners and fraternize with tax collectors if he is the son of God? God doesn’t want anything to do with them and neither do we.” I can’t tell you how many times this attitude has been my very own: unforgiving, judgmental and irreverent.

And I didn’t cry during the movie. My mind was racing too much between asking God questions and merely trying to process everything. I was concerned at first that I didn’t cry but I realize now that that is irrelevant. What doesn’t matter is my reaction during the movie. What does matter is my reaction AFTER the movie.

Three days after seeing “The Passion of Christ” I decided to wear my necklace with a cross on it for the first time in months. This is an act I normally would give no thought towards. In our society, we are so numb to the sight of crosses. We see them so regularly; on church properties, diamond encrusted on the necks of famous athletes and entertainers, even throughout the home of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne on “The Osbournes”. It’s about as American as apple pie and treated just as commonly. But this time as I pulled it out of my jewelry box, I looked at it a while and wore it not at all as a statement to those around me but a reminder only to myself. After seeing The Passion of Christ, I now know that because of the cross He chose to bear, my cross to bear, in comparison, is really about as small as the one that sits on my chest. I mean is it REALLY that hard to love that guy who cut me off the other day? Did I really have to open my mouth and clown those girls wearing "My Body Is Your Wonderland" tshirts at the John Mayer concert they way that I did (and LOUDLY at that)? It's just too easy for me. Being sinful is just too easy and it's a shame. The truth is, if this movie left me just feeling guilty, it would have only accomplished 1/4 of what it was supposed to do. This movie left me feeling victorious. I am desperately trying to love more and clown less but I can't conquer anything by myself. Because Christ chose me as His passion, I don't have to.
by tia

Sorry it’s been a minute. Toya’s been sick and swamped with work. And sometime I just don’t have anything to say.

Here’s some tidbits…Leisure reading if you will

Our Society In Further Decay
Not too long ago I wrote about Eamon. For those of you who aren’t familiar, he’s the no talent hack who penned the ever so forgettable “F— It (I Don’t Want You Back).” Sadly, his album debuted at #7 on the billboard charts. Okay he’s my problem; I think it would suffice to say that NO ONE over 18 bought his album. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that very few people over 16 bought that crap. That means that the majority of the people that now own that garbage are under the legal driving/working age. As non-workers, they get money from, who else, their parents. So am I to believe that parents have completely dropped the ball on what their kids are listening to? Have parents lost all control? Do they have no idea what’s going on? Worst yet, are parents OKAY with their kids filling their heads with songs like…man forget it. Even the titles are too raunchy to type.

I think this kids had dreams of being the next Eminem, the next shock rapper. Somebody better talk to him. Even though I agree with very little that Em has to say I must give him credit. The kid can flow. If you haven’t already, check out the last 15-20 minutes of 8 Mile. The battles remind you how and why Em is where he is. Eamon, honey, you may want to check out your other career options. You’d be a great, um…something. He doesn’t strike me as the sharpest crayon in the box. But I’m sure he could pick up a trade or something.

Disclaimer: The link is to an interview that is LACED with edited obscenities. But it’s so funny. He thinks he’s hard and well, I think I could take him. Be sure to read the comment on people who are calling him a one-hit wonder. If I’d been conducting the interview there would have much pointing and laughing. He can’t be serious.

And Then…
Last week we reported that Britney Spears recently made the decision to follow Christ. Well now it seems as if she’s taken a vow of…ABSTINENCE.

Blowin’ Me Up With His Love

JC Chasez released his first solo album, Schizophrenic, last Tuesday. Where Justin’s cd was a collection of the best songs Michael Jackson never did, JC appears to have rifled through Prince’s never released collection. JC has duplicated Prince in sound and freakiness. The slow jams are, as you would expect them to be, DOPE. (Dear Goodbye HURTS me everytime.) While there are some hot uptempo joints some of the content is, shall we say, sketchy. Overall, it’s not a bad cd. However, if you’re like me and prefer to NOT have someone sing to you about what they do when they’re “alone” you may want to just stick with the ballads.

Basically, keep it away from the children and those who want to maintain pure thoughts.

What is with the kids and marriage?
Beyonce’s little sister Solange reportedly tied the knot with college football player Daniel Smith in the Bahamas last weekend. Do you guys remember when you were 17-years-old and you really liked Brandon, then Darrell, then Maurice…I hope Solange doesn’t get bored as quickly as I did when I was that age.

You are going to want be about this up and coming artist. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

And while you’re at it…Here’s another one to watch. (Keep checking back on this one. The site is a work in progress.)

Because I Can
Okay since the beginning of time I have wanted to live on a coast. I used to want to live in Florida. I wanted to be near my parents and Florida was the closest beach. Ahh, to be young and foolish again. Now, I’ve seen the west coast beaches and they are so much better and neither of my parents live anywhere near the east coast (And I gotta say even if they did it wouldn’t matter too much. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older I don’t particularly want to live too close to my parents. I’m just sayin’. I like my freedom) Every time I head out west I never want to leave. It is with great trepidation that I get back on the plane to come back to the dirty, dirty.

Anyway, I’m a Cali girl at heart. That’s why I’m getting skateboarding lessons from one of the girls in the youth group. (I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to learn to skateboard. I better do it before I get too old.) And I’m doing this in July. Don’t Hate.

The Passion Of The Christ opened last Wednesday. If it doesn’t move you in some way, then you’re dead inside. But seriously, this is one of the most powerful films of our generation. I know that sounds cliché but truth is truth.

A lot of people have said that it’s one of the most violent films ever made. First of all, the last time I checked crucifixions were violent. Second, no one said anything to Quentin Tarintino about Kill Bill. Why? Because it was fiction. The reason people are bothered by this movie, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, is because it’s based on actual events. It’s hard to be detached from human suffering.

I was moved BEYOND tears. To say I was sobbing would be a gross understatement. Yes, the pain that Christ suffered saddened me, but I was more moved that he went through all of that for me. My sin put him on that cross. I nailed him to it. He suffered and died for me. And so often I’m content to just throw God a bone. A prayer on the way out the door, a glance at my Bible (trying to tell myself, “Well, I did “read” my bible today), a cursory “thank you Jesus” when I get a good parking space. I know He deserves so much more than that.

If you haven’t seen it you're one of the few. I encourage you to go. Take a friend and some tissue.