Sunday, April 4, 2004

Your Dollar is Weak - Day One
by tia

As many of you know I'm in London. LONDON, BABY, LONDON....And at this point I'm debating whether or not I should come back. When you see the pictures from day three you may very well see why. Anyway, I figured I would try to keep you updated on what's been going on and internet time is cheap here.

Day One
After sleeping 4 hours the night before I made my pilgrimage to the fashion mecca of the US: New York. Unfortunately, I was only there to fly out of JFK so I didn't really have any time to look around. I did, however, have a lovely bus ride from LaGuardia to JFK. I had a pissy driver and all the while I was thinking, " I wonder if this glass is bulletproof?" I'm suburban, what can I say. I arrived at JFK only to be told that my flight across the pond had been over booked. But no worries, "You have a seat." After meeting up with my friend Megan, we proceeded to spend the next 6 hours being ridiculously goofy and pissing off all of the Brits around us. It was jolly good fun, I tell you. And the duty-free shop will never be the same again.

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 10. No such luck. And we weren't really given an explanation as to why. To pass the time Megan and I struck up a conversation with two young British lads sitting next to us. One of the boys asked what we planned on doing in London, to which I dutifully replied, "Lots of shopping!" This particular young man was obviously studying "Dreamkilling" at Oxford because he replied, "Your dollar is weak. You will spend quite a lot of $$$" Hey, snotty Brit kid, while you're at it why don't you tell me that there's no Santa Claus and that my parents were the Tooth Fairy. Anyway, the theme of the trip has been "Your dollar is weak." And y' is. Next year I'm going on vacation somewhere where the currency is in Pesos.

After finally getting on our flight we find that the flight attendant for our particular section is FOIN. HOLY CRAP, HE WAS FINE. I'm talking knuckle biting, here's my number, holla at yo' girl FINE!!!! He had these blueish, greenish, grayish eyes, was good-n-tall and that accent. I CAN NOT get enough of the Brit Boy accent. But here was the clincher: They did the standard safety announcements and then I here them in Spanish. I assumed it was a recording. How about Mr. "I'm a tall fine flight attendant" is doing the announcements in Spanish. I almost slid out of my chair. All I could think was "If this is a pre-cursor of things to come, I am in so much trouble." And of course he sat in the forward facing seat right in front of me. "Lord, PLEASE HELP ME. Your creation is fine and within striking distance." And this is what I had to look at for 6 hours. TORTURE.

Sorry, I just realised (not realized. Everything is spelled with an "S" here. Apologise, realise..etc) that I have to go. But there are so many more stories. So many more hotties. And the words "Shall I take you there" mean so much more to me. Hopefully I will get to write more before I leave but if not I'll fill everyone in when I get back later in the week.


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