Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Perfect Marriage- Dead Poetic's "New Medicines"- by Toya

"The perfect marriage" is how my roommate Renee described my feelings about the new Dead Poetic record, "New Medicines". It's funny that it is called that because I am PMSIng like a big one today and left my Midol in the car. This has been GREAT!

The "perfect marriage" is the marriage of singing and screaming at the same time. Well not so much at the same time as within perfect timing. This is perfect for one with PMS because the singing is pretty enough to soothe you but the screaming and growling is aggressive enough to express the frustrations that you cannot voice in a closed proximity ie your job. Of course you can't go buckwild at yo' job but if you want to, put in any of the Solid State Records bands and sit at your desk. Now be careful: this may have an adverse effect on some, making them even more angry. But for me, it is a release, especially since the lyrics aren't "kill your mom, stab your cat" type lyrics. They're positive lyrics! So next time you want to get you holla on,don't let the man get you down. Get aggressive. Buy Dead Poetic.

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