Friday, April 9, 2004

The London Chronicles
Thursday – Day 2

We landed without incident. But we were EXHAUSTED. London is 7 hours ahead of Nashvegas. And as many of you know, plane sleep is not really good sleep unless you’re in First Class where they have the fully reclining seats. Next time I’m flying first class. I don’t care how much it costs. As much as I would love to tell you that we had so many adventures the first day, we didn’t. We were tired and frankly didn’t want to do anything but sleep. I did want to go to the Virgin Megastore the first day. I just knew that that’s where the bulk of my money would be spent. But much to my chagrin, it wasn’t. It was like going to Virgin in the states. Basically, all of the same cds but at twice the price. Before I go any further, let me clue you in on the exchange rate in the UK. First off, London is still using the British pound. They spit in the general direction of the Euro. They are a proud (some what snooty) people. And as such, our dollar has about half of its value over there. It wouldn’t be so bad except that the prices are the same. So say the Usher cd is $12.99 here. Well it’s 12 pounds 99 there. But once you convert that to dollars it’s almost $23. So needless to say I didn’t buy anything at Virgin. Moving on…

After walking around like an extra from the movie, Shaun of the Dead, which I SO want to see, it looks hilarious, we finally decided to trudge on back to the hotel. (btw: I think I have been sufficiently brainwashed. There were "Shaun" ads everywhere. By the time I finally saw the trailer, I was hooked. But it really did look funny.) On the way, I was pleasantly shocked by an ad on the side of a bus that passed us as we walked to the subway. I remember thinking, “I think I’m gonna like it here.”
(Sorry the picture is so grainy. But you can see what you need to see.)

Note: This ad is EVERYWHERE. Every tube stop and numerous buses had this girl’s gluteus posted somewhere. This is a THICK chick. I was SO excited. But that’s how they roll in London. The chocolate/white boy love is in FULL effect. Those Brit boys are not afraid to holla. It is so dangerous. Maybe that’s why I don’t live there. God knows I might be prone to wile out or as my friend Bets would say, show my behind. I had to flat out walk away from one guy. Because had I not, it would have been a situation. The last thing Toya said to me before I left was, “Don’t do anything there that you wouldn’t do here.” Would I be a fast heifer at home? No. So I shouldn’t be a fast heifer in London. Using the excuse, “I’ll never see these people again” does not cut it.

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