Friday, April 30, 2004

Hi, My Name Is...Part III-Toya

I am a flirt. I "get it from my mama". I sincerely keep it under wraps so most people don't know this about me. I consciously control it. So when I saw aforementioned cute boy in band from church at BB Kings this past week, it was all I could do to not whip out the charm (See Hi My Name is Part 2). I had a million excuses to go over to where he was and introduce myself whether it be the whole "we have a mutual friend approach" or "hi, I work for this company in the industry" but I didn't. I decided to behave.

I was standing there with my girlfriends talking to a guy in the same band who mentioned that they were playing somewhere in the area soon but he couldn't remember where. Then he said, oh wait I'll ask (insert name here-I aint crazy. This is the WORLD WIDE WEB). I was like LORD, no! Don't bring him over here. But who was I fooling?

So he comes over and jokes a bit, answers the question and walks off. All of the sudden he spins around, walks back and says "You know, I need to introduce myself. I'm..." I told him my name and he went and introduced himself to all of us and just smiled and gazed. "Yall are just holding it down over here looking so beautiful. Like rays of beauty." Realizing how incredibly CORNY that was, he chuckled and walked back. We all looked at each other like "Umm...What?!"

Hopefully, this will not be the last installment of "Hi My Name Is..."

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