Friday, April 9, 2004

by tia

If you have not already, you MUST pick up Usher's Confessions. I have never been a huge Usher fan. I respected what he did for music but I wasn't really all that moved. Yes, he had hits but beyond the momentary mainstream song that was catchy enough for me to sing along with in the car, I was never inclined to BUY an album. All of that changed last week. Usher was on Tom Joyner (or maybe it was Doug Banks) and they were playing cuts from the CD. Had I not had to catch a flight I would have gone straight to Wal-mart. And that's RARE for me. Usually stuff has to grow on me. But I'm not going to front. Usher had me. He is keeping R&B alive and I love him for it.

At the moment the current favorite song is Throwback. It is a broken man song for your behind. The intro alone is so CHOICE.

Girl sings: You're gonna want me back
Usher: That's the last words she said to me. Now I'm wishing she was here with me
Girl: You're going to need me one day
Usher: Now that day is here. And a man gotta shed tears.

OOOOHHHH...the pain. It's the whole "never miss a good thing until it's gone" theme. Why do I love painful broken man songs...I don't know. I don't particcularly like broken men. A broken man is hard to handle. I don't like for anyone to be in pain. But a guy in pain, maybe even in tears, is just too much. That maternal thing kicks in and I want to make it better. But I will sing along with a broken man song in a heartbeat. I don't know what's up with that. Anyway, I strongly advise, NAY, I implore you to run, not walk to your nearest retailer and help Usher's sales.

Kinda unrelated Question: On Confessions Part II Usher is telling us about the latest drama with his chick on the side. The other woman is pregnant and keeping the baby. Now Mr. Raymond is faced with having to tell the woman he loves that he's having a baby by another woman. Okay, PLEASE someone explain this to me. If he was so in love with the woman why did he feel the need to cheat? I seriously don't understand that. I hear more songs nowadays about guys cheating but not really caring about the other woman. "It's you I love." Doesn't love mean FAITHFULNESS??? Ladies, Gentlemen, please make me understand if you can. (I doubt anyone can, though)

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