Sunday, April 4, 2004

Boyfriend of the Week- "Urrrsherrr"

Don't Call It A Comeback

Yes, Tia. Usher does look like a Sharpei puppy. Fine, you win.

Let me tell you why Usher is my new boyfriend: I just found out that he is only a few years younger than me. When I met him about 10 years ago at a studio where I used to intern, he was such a cute kid. I remember thinking"Oh he is so sweet. I wonder if we have some milk and cookies for him." Oh but the game done changed, the game done changed...

I have often watched Justin Timberlake's performances and wondered if Usher would get the same accolades. I particularly remember thinking this when watching last year's Soul Train awards. True, Justin gave a stellar performance but would Usher have gotten the same standing O? I remember thinking "Have we too fallen again for the Great White Hype (a movie that I highly recommend)?"

I think it is safe to say that quite a few black folk are applauding Usher's return for one reason: we have had it with Mr. JT. Justin's actions concerning Niplpegate have caused many of us to conclude that it was all a set up. Honestly, if you pay close attention, Justin NEVER apologized to Janet publicly for exposing her breast. He acts as if HE was exposed; Like she purposely loosened a piece of clothing without his knowledge and he was just as shocked as the rest of us. Any MAN that would accidentally do that would defend the woman that he caused that kind of embarrassment to over and over again if it was indeed an accident. He has not once come to her defense. Even MTV knows it was staged. When mentioning the release of Janet's new album, MTV, who had once dubbed her an Icon had this to say:

"Janet Jackson's name hasn't been in the papers for a while, so we'll throw her a bone and mention that her new album, Damita Jo, arrives Tuesday, featuring the flirty first single "Just a Little While." Now, if only there was something she could do to get some publicity ...

Moving on...

That's cold. This whole thing has become such an obvious publicity ploy and it has backfired (solely for Janet) like a mug. Think about it: Janet was on David Letterman to promote her new album. Umm, she didn't sing! Also, she acted like she didn't want to talk about the whole ordeal. How are you going to make an appearance to simply just talk about your record? AND I am pissed because I purposely didn't watch Letterman that night to only find out that John Mayer performed. UGH!

But back to Usher. I more than ever want to see him succeed. We need R&B to come back in a big way. We don't have enough solo,black R&B male stars. Remember when we had Luther, Peabo Bryson, Lionel Richie, Freddie Jackson, El Debarge, Al B Sure, BOBBY BROWN? Come on yall. People sleep on Bob. I hate the fact the current generation only knows Bobby Brown as a crack head. OH CONTRAIRE. Bob used to hold it DOWN. Does anyone remember when he hosted the American Music Awards? He was poised and articulate and won for Best Male Artist. That is UNFATHOMABLE to anyone who didn't grow up during that time period. I want to see Usher be our Marvin Gaye or our Jackie Wilson. If you think about it, what black singers in our generation are legendary and alive? Lenny Kravitz, Mary J Blige and umm...hmm...

So strange' (see the movie Boomerang for reference). Strange' for lil' Usher Raymond making a come up. Keep hope alive. Urban music is depending on you.Yeah!

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