Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Back up off Becks
by tia

Okay, I have had it. People need to leave Becks alone. Yet another freak of the week has come out and said that she had a tryst with Becks. I don’t buy it. Everyone wants a piece of the action now. Yes, I’m quite partial. I love me some David Beckham. Have you ever seen him bend a ball around a defender? It is sick. Physicists have studied it. I have a frame-by-frame picture of him coming up on a ball. It doesn’t even look real. I don’t know how he does it. And let us not front. The boy is a cutie-pie.

(His voice is kinda high though, but whatever.)

But now that he’s Mr. Big Time footballer everyone wants to drag his name through the mud. I feel about Becks the way Toya feels about the gloved one. He is innocent until proven guilty. If solid proof comes out, and by solid I mean out of Beck’s own mouth, then yes, I will be all kinds of disappointed. And I honestly think Posh will shoot him. But until then, BACK OFF!!!!! Becks is my homie.

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