Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Toya's Boyfriend of the Month-Ol' School

Because I work 2 jobs and am working on another one as I type this, I figured I would pay homage to a man that also is known to "get the job done"...

I Work...Baby!!!

"Can I get a yes"
"No !"
"I aint happy"
- Lean on Me

HAVE MERCY!!! Remember when rappers were FOIN!? At least we had a choice back then: Special Ed, LL, Rakim. But now, I don't know if they don't want the rappers lookin' better than the girls in the videos but you have to ugly up in order to get a record deal. What happened! Big Daddy Kane used to HURT me back in the day. He could rhyme, he could dance, and he was just, just , just CHOCOLATE. They want to say that Wesley Snipes brought the dark skinned brothers back but I beg to differ. I forgot all about El Debarge once Big Daddy Kane stepped onto the scene. Big Daddy Kane was IT. I remember all of my posters from Black Beat and Right On. Even dated a guy with a dope fade and three cuts in his eyebrows. Kane was a pretty brotha. Aww, the love...

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