Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Toya's 10 Random Thoughts

I work non stop all day and crazy random thoughts are constantly in my head. Not enough to turn into full fledge entries, but enough to keep me chuckling and saying,"hmm..." (actually more like, "you know I might want to get checked")

1. Why is Anberlin so daggone good!? I got their debut CD almost a year ago and am more in love with it now than I was then. Their band's lead singer, Stephen (Tia's crush) has the most distinctive lead vocals out there. Everyone else sounds either whiny or darn near suicidal. You must love Anberlin...embrace Anberlin...buy their CD...
2. A sign you need to go to the gym: I was at Starbucks pouring coffee grounds and when I stopped, I noticed something white shaking on my left, kinda in the background. You know, in my lower peripheral? So I looked over my shoulder, saw nothing and went about my business. I kept pouring and when I stopped I noticed it again. How about it was my sleeve? Apparently, my biceps are like those brand new car rims that keep spinnin' when you stop. My arms apparently keep shaking when I stop. Needless to say, I am taking my tail to the YMCA this Saturday and getting a membership.
3. Gay Marriage:there really is no argument here. I will say this: you are going to start seeing a lot of straight people marrying each other. Think I'm lying? The average age of women that marry for the first time is getting higher and higher. I told my God Sister that if we were both not married by the age of 40 that we may as well go ahead and marry each other. We don't have to be "together", but shoot, I want my tax break too. And she makes the best red beans and rice this side of New Orleans. I'm just sayin'.
4. When are we having Matt Grace and his wife over for dinner and where on earth did he buy a Daewoo? Couldn't have been in Nashville.
5. Why is Usher's "Yeah!" my guilty pleasure song of the moment? Normally. I hate all things Lil' Jon but there is a small part of me that wants to dance like Carmen Electra when I hear it.
6. Why is it that in high school, listening to The Cure used to make me depressed but listening to it now brings nothing but sheer happiness?
7. At what age do you stop collecting pins and wearing them on your messenger bag and where is my Duran Duran pin?
8. It honestly should be against the law to work two jobs. There needs to be a salary minimum for anyone over 25. I know I am working at the place where I am supposed to be right now but when they told me how much I would be making I wanted to ask "You know I am almost 30 right? I didn't get here straight from high school and am not taking this job because I no longer want to continue getting up at 4 am for my paper route."
9. Why won't Matt Smith from the Real World marry me?
10. You are simply not going to like everybody. I am constantly around a person who I simply do not like, am not going to like, and can't stand. Regardless, I have to be around them. We are called to love our neighbor but I really don't believe that Jesus LIKED everyone. I wonder if he ever saw the Pharisees coming and turned to John like "oh here come these busters". I don't know. He's great though. I love Him.

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