Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So what, I love boy bands
by tia

I so miss NSYNC. I mean early NSYNC. When Chris had bad hair. Before Joey had kids. Before Justin got super bitter and JC went buckety-buck buck wild. Those were the days. When JC was singing the fool out of e’rythang. Don’t act like y’all forget.

WHHHHHHY didn’t I know it?
WHHHHHHY didn’t I show it?


I lie awaaaaake
I drive...myself…crazy, Crazy, CRAZY, CRAAAAZAE, YEAH.

Oh, those were the days. Boy bands were my passion. And I was a teeny bit old to be into boy bands the way I was. It was okay when I was younger. No one thinks twice about an 11-year-old being into New Edition and New Kids on the Block. But Nsync didn’t break big in the states until around 1998. I was 21. I was finishing up college. N the eyes of most, I was an adult. As my John (Mayer) would say “Don’t believe it.” I was worse than some of the junior high girls with all my screaming and carrying on. I couldn’t wait to watch TRL. For a while there it seemed like at least one of the guys was on the show every week. (Did anyone see the one where Joey was clowning JC for appearing on the Blaque song talking about his “Thug Appeal”? Joey was wrong for that.) I was so serious about them. And I think my love of the group was perpetuated by the decade long crush I had on JC. I was in love with him on the MMC. Should we ever get this site legitimately up and running with streaming media, I will make the video of JC, Justin, Dale and that kid from Remember The Titans singing Cry For You available for the people.

I must admit I was also a Backstreet Boys fan at one time. I clowned them when they first came out, though. Very few people remember their very 1st video. You’d be hard pressed to find it now. Contrary to popular belief it was NOT Quit Playing Games With My Heart. It was We’ve Got It Goin’ On. In the video they were just “chillin’” trying to look “street.” On the cover of the single they’re wearing those oversized multi-color leather jackets and standing in a sketchy back alley with their name written in “graffiti” on a brick wall. They were “hard.” I had so many jokes. All of their songs had the same backbeat. And they didn’t seem to have a firm grip of the English language.

Does he leave when you need him the most
Does his friends take up your time

All I Have To Give

AJ could sing but he needed to work on his grammar.
(Sorry, I can be a bit of a grammar snob. But Lord knows I butcher the language so I guess I don’t have much room to talk)

Over time I developed a fondness for the boys. Mostly for Kevin and AJ. Somewhere along the way AJ got singing lesson from an old black man from Mississippi. Kevin on the other hand can’t really sing. But he was fine so it didn’t matter. Y’all know I’m right. Nonetheless, I was a staunch supporter. People would clown them and I would defend them. But I began to notice another voice on the boy band horizon. Vague and distant at first, then becoming increasingly more clear, distinct and almost…familiar. I about lost my mind when I found out JC was in NSYNC. I broke camp and left the “Boys” in the dust.

The NSYNC hits were non-stop. The Christmas joint is off the chain. There is a song where JC is tearing it up at the end talkin’ ‘bout “Grandmama and Granddaddy and my MAMMA and my DADDY.” And they had choreography. Granted they had nothing on the New Edition and Lance was perpetually half a count off, but they tried. They were so cute. Well JC was anyway. And JC was grown. Despite being prefabricated, they, unlike the Spice Girls, whom I also love, (They’re British.) had talent. They could do 5-part harmonies like no one I’d seen since the 80s.

As they got a little older they got a little freakier. We saw the early signs of JC’s freaktacularness. If you own the Live at Madison Square Garden concert you know what I’m talking about. There was NO reason for him to do that. But despite all the nonsense I was still a fan. They matured as did they’re music. I’ll Be Good For You and Gone are some grown-behind jams. You know you’ve got a hit when old black men sing your song. (Toya said she saw some old black man washing windows in New Jersey singing Gone. The song got played on 92Q here in the ‘Ville and it’s one of the blackest stations for miles.)

I have yet to see them in concert. But don’t think I’m not going to. Chris is darn near middle age and everything I’ve read JC say about being a solo artist leads me to believe that he is so OVER the NSYNC train. I’m of the mindset that party is almost over. So if they come anywhere near me I will be in line buying tickets. And I will trip a kid in a minute if it means I’ll get to be close to JC.

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