Monday, February 9, 2004

BGLU News-Toya

Anybody else want to hit Justin Timberlake in his daggone jaw!!??

He is messin' it up for EVERYBODY! NFL officials say that because of the sexual nature of JC's song "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" and because of the recent Janet Bra-ha-ha, JC along with BGLU cutie Fe Fe Dobson will not be performing during half-time at the Pro Bowl. DANGITT!!!! Let me tell yall something...

Justin is getting on my daggone nerves, okay? He is Eddie Haskelin' this whole Super Bowl thing like nothing we have ever seen. I can't put my finger on it but I really believe that Justin knew what was gonna go down. Which leads me to my retraction...

We believe that the Janet Jackson booby flash was staged. Why? Ladies, you wear bras. How likely is it that if you were to tear one side that it would just snap off like that? Secondly, MTV pulled an article off its website that promised "shocking moments" during Janet's performance. Now they want to say that the shocking moment was Justin showing up to perform with her. A surprise? Maybe. Justin has become the prince of overexposure and it is rarely surprising if he shows up anywhere. He will show up to the opening of an envelope if given enough notice. So what was the "shocker" supposed to be if it wasn't Janet's breast? Janet's bra? This is 2004, not 1954. We are not shocked to see bras on stage anymore. In fact,we are more shocked to see female entertainers wearing them.

This is not to say that I don't like Justin's music. He is just on my list for the time being. And I ain't feelin' no pain because I am a Joey Fatone kinda girl anyway.

BGLU icon Aisha Tyler has a new book out called Swerve and we cannot wait to get it. In her new book, she discusses everything from pop culture to dating to bikini waxing. In further Aisha news, we hear that she recently broke her arm snowboarding. She is too cool. When discussed on the Wendy Williams show, they asked whether she was married because Wendy has never seen her with her husband. Neither have we. Then she asked if he was white, next answering her own question by "He must be. I said she broke her arm snowboarding." Too funny.

John Mayer is for the people. A recent article on was written about how John Mayer's CD is a favorite among rap artists such as Jay-Z and Kanye West. Can you blame them? Anyone past the age of 23 can relate to John's lyrics. Anybody catch him on The Dave Chappelle Show? Strangely enough, we both missed it. Hope it reruns soon.

Lastly, The Darkness CAN'T be serious, can they?

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