Monday, February 9, 2004

BGLU Grammy Recap- Toya

As I sat down to write this, I was thinking of how great the Grammys were this year and how they seemed to go off without a hitch (not if you ask Celine Dion I'm sure. Somebody is SO fired at CBS...again.) Then I looked up at the tv screen and realized I had rewound too far. I didn't watch Evansecence win the kiss of death "New Artist" award because I can't stand them but I noticed that 50 Cent walked on the stage when they won and then walked back to his seat. Does the "New Artist Award" jinx stand up in that case? If you are nominated, don't win but STILL show up on stage, will you sink into oblivion come your next album? Oh one can only hope...

I loved the marriage between the old school and new school. It was a fantastic idea and gave the awards a newness that it has long been missing. Patrice "Forget Me Nots" Rushen was the musical director this year and as always, she did a fabulous job. Here's the run down...

Beyonce' and Prince's performance We love Beyonce' here but I wish she would have waited a few more minutes to come out because I was not at all done drooling over Prince. He is still beautiful and makes that guitar TALK. He was flawless and if Beyonce' is not the new Tina Turner I don't know who is. Strange' , strange' for both of them....

Beatles Tribute with Sting, Dave Matthews, Pharrell and Vince Gill HORRENDOUS!!!!! Paul and Ringo aren't dead so they weren't rolling over in their graves but I am sure they had a rough night's sleep while these 4 butchered their song. Oh it was painful. That sort of thing should only happen at an after Grammy party where no one is sober enough to realize how bad it actually is.

Christina Aguileira's "Beautiful" She really is beautiful. Great look, great performance and great song and I am glad it won. Her songs that she co-wrote with Matt Morris that were nominated didn't win however. He's a genius so I am sure he'll have a dozen of his own on his mantle in no time.

John Mayer and Chandler I know his name is Matt Perry but I am already setting myself up for Friends withdrawal so I need him to still be Chandler for a little while, okay? There exchange was so corny but we love them both so who cares. John had that Ruben Studdard "I'm about to pass out from nervousness" look on his face though. So cute...

BB King, Joe Perry, and Steven Tyler presenting Outkast with the Best Rap Album Award Did they finally get BB King to present the award so that guy that comes on every year and says "None of this would be possible if it weren't for BB King" would stop bum rushin' the stage every year? If so it worked. No signs of him or Mr. Soy Bomb this year. Joe Perry from Aerosmith as fine as he is had the nerve to walk up there with a cane. Why does he provoke me? Lastly, Andre 3000 had the best acceptance speech all night. Okay, second to Richard Marx's...

Justin's win of best male performance for "Cry Me A River" I will not front on it, he and Timbaland did a fantastic job on that song. I also believe in about 20 years from now, Justin will run for office. Yes Justin, it was "unintentional and completely regrettable" and you apologize if it offended anyone. We know, we know. Justin didn't show up with Cameron Diaz but with his mama. Even though that is her child, if my "puppies" were fittin' that snug in my dress like hers were, I wouldn't be sittin' anywhere NEAR Justin Timberlake, lest another "wardrobe malfunction" popped off. And since we are on the topic of things Justin, his performance with Arturo Sandoval was AWESOME. I am so mad. By the way Justin, Thicke called. He wants his suit back.

Anyone notice that JC,after being sidelined from the Pro Bowl, suited up as Justin's seat filler for the night? LOL!!!!!!!!! He mentioned that he had to pull some strings to get into the Grammy's after passing up his seat to sing at the Pro Bowl. Did you notice that while Justin was on stage with the Black Eyed Peas that JC was in his seat? Way to pull those strings JC. Some girls dance with women and some boy band members need to get in where they fit in.

Luther Vandross' Tribute I am a huge Luther fan and it did not hit me how sick he was and how close we were to losing him until I saw the clip they showed of him last night. I am still not ready to talk about it. I am devastated. Janet Jackson was supposed to perform last night and it pisses me off that Justin Timberlake can sit up there and perform TWICE but she didn't do the Luther tribute. The bra didn't undo itself. Okay, I have talked enough about
it. Let's move on.

Foo Fighters and Chick Corea Embarrassingly enough I can't really talk about it because ever since Dave Grohl got married, I find it hard to look at him with a clear conscience. I fast forwarded thru most of it. Maybe next week.

Sting and Sean Paul "Roxanne, you don't have to wear that dress tonight. I will..." My man had a dress on and is STILL the bomb. I was pleasantly surprised by and thoroughly enjoyed this performance. I would love for them to release it. It was so good.

Beyonce's performance ... Incredible. If Jay-Z didn't cry, he is too hard for his own good. I was even choked up. The set was beautiful and original. This was definitely one of the best Grammy performances ever. I couldn't figure out why she dragged the end of the song out for so long until the dove flew onto her hand. Clearly a mishap and she handled it well.

Funk Tribute That was SO much fun. I loved seeing Maurice White with Earth Wind and Fire. I remember as a little kid thinking that their lead guitarist and Nick Ashford of Ashford and Simpson were the same person. Just me? Anyway, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic looked like they had some of the original funketeers including the guy that wears the diaper on stage. Good times.

I won't comment on Ozzy and Sharon because that is just mean and well, too easy...

Richard Marx...looks amazing! What is up with these singers looking better now than they did in the 80's? Him, Madonna, Lionel Richie...I hear he lives in Nashville. If I see him in Kroeger, so help me God. Loved his speech.

Anti-Downloading Commercial Look RIAA: no one has stopped downloading because they feel guilty. They stopped because of those obnoxious lawsuits. You want to have an effective commercial? Have one threatening to have Lars Ulrich from Metallica come to your house, hold you hostage and bore you to death on why downloading his music has cost his band a successful comeback. Okay that was mean. I need to go to bed soon.

Outkast's Performance and winner of Album of the Year Didn't love the performance. Didn't hate it but didn't love it either. Love the spirit fingers though.

Good to see Hip Hop win in the category of album of the year. Maybe all is not lost.

That's the wrap up. Can't wait to hear your comments. Oh and one thing, unless you are Justin Timberlake's, 50 Cents or someone in Evanescence's mama, don't get all riled up defending them. I hate to see people get all bent out of shape defending people they don't know. For real, would they do the same for you? I doubt it. If you disagree, that's cool but let's keep it civil.

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