Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Whaassup Yall!!!- Toya

Hey it's Toya. I know it has been a minute since I have written but I have taken on a new job at an artist booking agency (rah rah the crowd goes wild) and although we no longer have free cable and have had to switch to satellite, I am actually working in the industry and getting paid for it vs taking my 10th internship somewhere. God is good...and the church says... All the Time...

(Lord willin') I will be 30, 11 months from today. Let's hear it for the grown and sexy. I am trying to get my old folk 1,2 step down so I'll be ready.

BGLU Site News

First of all, Tia and I would really like to thank everyone that has written comments or private emails to us about how much they love our site. That means a lot. Due to the overwhelming response that we have gotten, look forward to our webzine coming this fall chock full of interviews and of course our commentary on life as we see it. Also, we are currently building our forum as so many of you have requested. If any of you have an ideas, feel free to email them to us.

Book News... One of our favorite authors and a friend of mine, Josh Harris, has a book out called "Not Even A Hint" and it is excellent. It is about battling lust. This a rare book of its kind because it looks at lust as not just a male problem but as a human problem. Why am I mentioning this? Well allow me to get open.

I want to talk to the girls. I know of more girls that struggle with lust and fantasies than the guys I know. I know a girl with a porn collection probably bigger than Ron Jeremy's. At least men can be more open about this but girls, not so much because it is not expected of us to even have to deal with these things. In Not Even a Hint, Josh mentions that quite a few letters that he has received about addictions to online pornography and the like are from girls and because this topic is so male focused, they have found it hard to get help. Not just that, but some of us are too self righteous to admit that it is even an issue. I am talking to my "True Love Waits" high and mighty ones right now. Want to know why I can't have the televison on by myself downstairs past 10 o'clock with no one in the house? Because like many of us who pride ourselves in not having sex outside of marriage, my curiosity in the past has gotten the best of me. CAN WE BE REAL PEOPLE? This IS BGLU for heaven's sake! Don't get all religious and prissy on me all the sudden. Let's put it out there. We shouldn't PRIDE ourselves at all because it is sheerly by the grace of God that we have even been able to abstain. Without Him, please...I'd be BUCKETY BUCK BUCK WILD. And I plan to be after I get that ring. Moving on...

To my fellas: In our society, there is a HUGE lie straight from the pit of hell that says guys must be lustful. We hear it all the time. "Oh guys are just pigs" or "Men are dogs." Look at the Spike Channel, the so called channel for men. Have you noticed that they are telling us that all men are really concerned about are fast cars and top heavy women jumping up and down on trampolines? If you are a guy, don't feed into the lie that guys are just supposed to be perverted. The bible says that God made you in HIS image and HIS likeness. Stand up for yourselves men. Believe the truth, not the lies.

We notice that a lot of hits come to our site from people looking for porn so let me say once and for all THERE IS NO PORN HERE. This is Black Girls Like Us meaning "similar" to us not Black Girls like us, want to be with us, etc. It is alarming to see the amount of hits ranging from people looking for "big black bootys" (oh we get to see what search engines people use along with their search criteria) to some crazy deviant stuff I care not mention. If you want to be set free, get this book. If you are struggling with getting your mind right and can't look at a man or woman without wondering how they would be in bed, get this book. If you came here for porn and are now disappointed that you didn't find any, kindly direct your attention to the upper left side of the web page, click on our helpful link and have a great day.
Side note: okay you are not going to believe this but as I was hyperlinking Josh's site to ours, I saw that he was offering this book free to anyone that mentions it in their blog. I DID NOT know about this at all and I already have the book. Now I have one to give away! Any takers? First one to email BGLU with their address gets this book free of charge.

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