Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Well I ended up joining the fan club. I couldn't help it. I wanted good seats. Besides NO ONE gave me a good reason to not join. And at the moment it's looking like it was a smart move. Our tickets are in the 9th row. Not too bad considering the size of Midsouth Coliseum. But me being me I tried to get closer tickets and was brutally rebuffed. Tickets went on sale at noon. I was finished with my transaction at 12:04. By 12:05 the were no more pre-sale tickets available. Whoa...I knew Mr. Mayer was popular but dang!!! So I figure beggars can't be choosy. (Or is it choosers? I've never known. )

So Toya and I will be going to see John and the angst ridden Maroon 5 next month. By the way does anyone know who Jane is and why she has a whole album of songs about her? Anyway, if you should read about 2 black girls accosting John Mayer and his road manager Scotty don't automatically assume it was us...But then again...

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