Thursday, January 15, 2004

Oh, the pain
by tia

You hear us talk about music an awful lot. We are staunch supporters of downloading. However, we are highly averse to lawsuits, fines, penalties, jail time and the like and as such we have severely reduced our downloading activities. Anyway, I (tia) love all kinds of music. I think I’ve got something from most of the major genres. When you start getting into the sub-genres like acid-jazz my collection may be a bit sparse. Although, I do have some Jamiroquai, so I guess acid-jazz could be removed from the “don’t have” pile. That being said the following anecdote should not shock you.

Rascal Flatts

I was flipping through the wasteland that is late night television when I stumbled across something that looked like a video that was taped at the Nashville airport. Being in Nashville, I always stop and watch a video that’s filmed locally because I never know who I might see. This particular one was the Rascal Flatts video for These Days. I’m not a huge country fan. I don’t hate it or anything but it’s definitely not my favorite. But I have to give Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks and Martina McBride props. They’ve got some hot tracks. Anyway, I was about to change when I caught wind of some of the lyrics. Now before I go any further I’m going to give you a little insight on Tia “the loon.” I love fictional pain, pain that is not real and not necessarily inspired by real life experiences. For example, in Hope Floats when the little girl loses it when her dad leaves…I LOVE THAT. It is so choice. The tragedy is so palpable. It is so shocking and poignant that it’s…well it’s funny. But only because I know the little girls is acting. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is worth renting for that scene alone…and for Harry Connick, Jr. The child should have gotten an Emmy, an Oscar or something. Now if the child had actually been in that much pain I would have beat her daddy to a pulp. But because all of the screaming and hollering is fake, that mess is hilarious. The same goes for broken man songs. Broken man songs are songs that Toya and I feel convey ultimate manly sorrow. Songs that offer pain and suffering that one would normally reserve for the female gender. A number of broken man songs litter our respective favorite songs lists. We’ve been saying that we are going to do a Broken Man Countdown. And when we have more that 4 waking hours together, we will. Moving on…I didn’t want to like Rascal Flatts. But I was sucked in by the pure unadulterated tragedy of the song. This poor man is PINING away for this girl who got away. (What is with guys not knowing what they have until it’s gone?) The sheer pain of it all is just fabu.

Verse 2
Yeah, life throws you curves
But you learned to swerve
Me, I swung and I missed
And the next thing you know
I’m reminiscing
Dreaming old dreams
Wishing old wishes
Like you would be back again

And the there is the chorus

I wake up in teardrops that
fall down like rain
I put on that old song we
danced to and then
I head off to my job
Guess not much has changed
Punch the clock, head for home
Check the phone, just in case
Go to bed, dream of you
That’s what I’m doing these days

I know that the fact that I find the whole situation comical is a bit twisted. And I don’t care. This song is GREAT. He is in a whole WORLD of hurt because of this girl. Pillow all wet, eyes all baggy because you know he’s been crying all night. And the hope…Oh, he’s is holding out hope that she’s going to call. But if she hasn’t called thus far...I’m just saying. His waking and sleeping states are permeated with thoughts of this girl. This was a bad broad.

I don’t normally do this but I actually bought the cd based on that one song. Thankfully it’s a pretty good cd. The last track is also vying for the top slot of “Most Broken Man Song” on the album. He wakes up on the morning he was planning on telling her he’s leaving and she’s left him. AHAHAHAHA

So if you didn’t know, now you know. There is something wrong with me. The weirdest things make me smile. Fake pain sometimes moves me to laughter. That can’t be normal. But I guess as long as REAL pain doesn’t move me to laughter I’m okay.

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