Saturday, January 3, 2004

No I'm not dead - tia

Okay, I know that’s it’s been a while since I graced you, our loyal readers, with my presence. I have a plethora of excuses, ranging from work (You try squeezing 4 weeks of work into 10 days so you can go on vacation) to just not having anything to talk about. I’m of the mindset that talking for the sake of taking up space is nonsensical. Random thoughts are one thing but just randomly babbling, like so many of our fellow blogging sycophants, is just ridiculous. But I digress. I’ve had a few people ask me where I’ve been since I haven’t posted since..umm…Anyway, we’ll just say I’ve been busy and move on.

The following are desultory thoughts/questions that I’ve had recently.

Things I’ve learned:
MTV DOES in fact still play videos. The station formally known as MUSIC Television, but dubbed Miscellaneous Television here at the 369, is not a complete and utter farce. Videos are played between the hours of 5-9a.m. central time. But it’s only on certain days. For instance today, January 2, 2004, and it looks like every Saturday from now on, there will be NO VIDEOS on MTV at any time. Don’t believe me? MTV’s younger ADHD sibling VH1, which I thought stood for VIDEO Hits 1 but could be accurately dubbed Very Hidden (videos) 1, plays videos from 2-9a.m. central time pretty much every day. However, they get a big boo-hiss for their programming choices. Can someone please tell me how The Hilton sisters’ Fabulous Life has anything to do with music?

Also, the 2 in MTV2 was a typo. It should have been MTVtoo. Slowly but surely, the big wigs at Viacom are ruining another music station with programs instead of music. Maybe in the Greek translation music meant (vaguely) music related SHOWS. There will be an MTV7 before too long. Video killed the radio star and MTV killed the video star. I will now move on.

Would someone please tell Kyan from Queer Eye that he’s not gay?

Please, anybody…

And if you see George Michael, tell him too. (I’m listening to Kissing A Fool and that song is soooo about a woman. Men can’t cause pain like that. The man is just confused.)

This is Centennial.

I met her last fall on a random trip to Mickeyville. She and her Brandan (whom she LOVES) were freakin’ adorable and I had to get a picture. If you have some free time to delve into the teenage psyche, you should check out her blog: She is the cutest thing and a definite BGLU in the making. And oddly enough she inspired me to make my one and only New Year’s resolution: read more. I’m not really sure why though. I know it had something to do with something I read on her blog but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. Oh well. By the way Centennial, I have a book you need to check out, actually 2. “Jesus Among other Gods” and “The Lotus and the Cross.” Both are by Ravi Zacharias. Read JAOG first.

Does anyone know who sings that “My United States of Whatever” song that’s been in the commercial for the Tony Hawk video game? I thought it was Andrew W.K. but I can’t find it anywhere.

I leave for London in 89 days. I might not come back. Especially if I run into this

Okay, I know that I brought this on myself so I don’t have anyone to blame but me. I was looking for pictures to use for that last quote and I stumbled across some pictures of the boy that were just not designed to make you think good things. And before anyone asks, NO, he wasn’t nekkid or anything. In his new book, Not Even A Hint, Josh Harris quoted Dr. Al Mohler as saying, “Men are tempted to give themselves to pornography - women are tempted to commit pornography.” Basically, when you dress and behave in a way that is designed to primarily arouse sexual desire you’re committing pornography with your life. Now I’m not saying that our boy Orli is doing that, but the whole picture situation got me to thinking. What is wrong with our society as a whole? Why are so many people, men and women, willing to ho’ themselves for attention? And at what point did “Hollywood” decide that it was okay to push the soft-core porn on us at every turn? Magazines, Basic Cable, shoot, basic television (I saw some “funbags” on ER a few months ago. Old lady funbags at that.) Everywhere we turn, there seems to be sex. What the heck???

It’s getting late and I have to meet a friend for breakfast in the morning. What is up with people wanting to get up before 9 on a Saturday? I make no promises about writing more. If I feel inclined, I will contribute. But like I said, talking just to talk is stoopid.

Okay my friend just called to tell me that her friend went into labor and she won’t be able to make breakfast so I will plug on for a while longer.

Our Society in Further Decay
Not too long ago, Toya came home and asked us if we’d heard a song called F- you, you B- I don’t want you back. Initially, I thought she was kidding. Oh how my heart broke when I realized she wasn’t. The song is called F- It. It’s by the newest artist to be added to the Jive label, Eamon. The song is horrible all the way around. Content, production, delivery, everything. It sounds like Aaron Carter got really mad at Hilary Duff and then let his newly ghetto-fied big bro Nick write him a song. I thought the song itself was joke, but much to my chagrin, the little nose picker has some sort of record deal. I don’t know why I was surprised to learn this. I mean, this is the same label that employs an alleged child molester and allows Jennifer Love Hewitt to keep cranking out albums. They have a proven track record of idiocy. The song is in heavy rotation on one of the local stations here, giving me yet another reason to never listen to the radio. Even the DJs seem ticked off that they have to play it. “I’m not really sure why this song is number one. I guess it’s just a reflection of how things are.” – unnamed DJ ON AIR during the "Top 5 @ 5" on 102.5 here in the ‘Ville. What gets me is how people sincerely don’t understand why Johnny is cursing out his teachers and why “these kids just don’t seem to have any respect for themselves or anyone else.” Are ya kidding?

I’m so tired and so I will bid thee good day…

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