Wednesday, January 7, 2004

If you are not feeling him, I am NOT feeling you...

Toya's Boyfriend of the Month...Gary Dourdan!!!

Gary Dourdan is SO serious. Actually way too serious for my teeny boppish Boyfriend of the Week. More like Man "Who I Would Consider Proposing to Upon Introduction" of The Week. Anybody know his ring size?

Gary Dourdan has been giving us fever since he was Shaza on my favorite show of all time "A Different World". Now he is hurtin' 'em as Warwick Brown on the hit "CSI". Due to being absurdly squeamish, I can't watch CSI. However, if I am flippping channels and see that he is on, I'll watch it until they show somebody's eye falling out of their head. That show is so gross.

5 Things About Gary Dourdan:
1) Gary was born in Philadelphia, December 11, 1966.
2) Apart from being on CSI, he is host of Lyric Cafe', a great spoken word show on BET Jazz.
3) He has been nominated once more for a NAACP award for his role on CSI. He was nominated and won for this role last year.
4) Also a musician, he plays many instruments including guitar and saxophone.
5) When asked about his music he says, "I'm putting out two different CDs," he says. "One title is 'Chase du Jour,' or 'Chase of the Day.' ...The other one is more song-based. I'm working with some vocalists that are friends, putting out more ballads. I have two labels. I license one called Dynamite Joints, in London. Then, I'm putting out the other CD on my own imprint, Temple of Thoughts." He describes his sound as "neo-soul, future jazz, acid jazz, trip hop. It's under that umbrella of electronic music, but it would be organic electronic music."

*sigh* All the more reason to love him.

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