Friday, January 30, 2004

I Should Be in Bed-Toya

I slept for 12 hours last night and I really needed. I should be in bed now but I guess I feel guilty for sleeping so much last night. Forget it, I am just plain lazy. I told my mom that I was a procastinator and she said "No Toy. Procrastinators EVENTUALLY do things. You just don't do anything." I think about all that I have to do and I get so overwhelmed that I am darn near comatose. I just become this vegetable sitting on the couch watching the idiot box. This is all so I don't think about all that I have to do.

And even though I don't want to complain, this is a blog and darnit I am going to go for it. Umm, I don't think I am pre-menstrual but let's just say I am for today.

Toya's Gripes:
1)Thanks to my "5 days Atkins, weekends eat like food is going out of style" diet, I have lost more weight. I just got into a pair size 10 jeans and they are already getting baggy. This is fine except for the fact that I never had a butt to begin with and it looks like my body has chosen to burn off the little bit of fat I had back there making it way too embarrassing for me to not wear long shirts over my butt. It looks like my butt has been blown off in some unfortunate accident. I swear I am getting one of those Buns of Steel tapes next time I go to Target.

And speaking of things that don't make me a "typical black girl..."

2) BGLU's, ever get tired of your "White girl" voice? You know what I mean. I was listening to myself at work today and GOODNESS. I guess we can call it the suburban dialect if we must try to be so politically correct but we all know that it's the "oh my gosh and jeepers" white girl voice. I remember being younger and my dad used to threaten to drop me off in the middle of the ghetto because he said I was an oreo. That was pretty painful. You can't help being from where you are from. You have to be yourself. So I shouldn't be embarrassed by it I guess. It is not going to go away.

3) I do not want anymore single/unavailable/incompatible guy friends. Enough already. I have filled my quota thank you very much.

4) What am I going to do when Friends goes off? I can't bear it. No more Chandler? This is what makes television so dangerous. One can become emotionally attached to people WHO DO NOT EXIST. So sad. This is why I refuse to watch The OC. I can't be suckered into that. However, I have no problem being suckered into...


Let it go down that Bernadette Cooper is the baddest chick EVER!!!! She is our new hero. You know you bad if you walk into a club and say "Somebody slap me cause I know I'm looking good". They are reuniting Squeeze tomorrow and I am ECSTATIC. "Take it to the bridge, throw it overboard, see if it can swim..."

They need to reunite Men At Work. The lead singer, Colin Haye is playing at the same club Jordan Knight played this week, a few weeks from now and I really do want to go. They can also reunite:

* Go West
*The Outfield
* Journey (Steve Perry is trippin')
*Five Star

There will be no reuniting of New Kids on the Block though. We really don't want to see that yall, no matter how much some say they do. A while back, some girl got my email address from somewhere and was mass emailing New Kids fans about getting them to reunite on Oprah. I wrote her back and told her that they have grown up and she should too. Give them a chance for their solo careers to take off. Let Jonathan recuperate for goodness sakes. Well she wrote me and went off. I let it go. A few months later, I found out that Joey McIntyre had a website and she wrote him to tell him of how hard she was working in getting them on Oprah and this is what this fool said:

"Honey, it aint gonna happen. We got s*** to do."

I HOLLERED. See, I tried to be nice to her. Someone should have told her that Joey Joe was nimble and quick. You gotta be def to be down with his click. (If you know where that is from, you are the best around.)

Those were the days.

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