Thursday, January 8, 2004


URGENT ! If ANYONE has seen Afro Punk: The Rock and Roll Nigger Experience, please email or comment letting us know what your thoughts are. I saw a trailer on it at the official website and I (Toya) swear I will travel far and wide to see this movie. If you don't know about this it is a documentary on Blacks in the Punk scene. BGLU's, go and represent.

Vanguard Media disappointed A LOT of sistas including us when they announced that they were closing its doors. Vanguard Media was responsible for one of our fave mags Honey, as well as Savoy and Heart and Soul. Well it looks as if at least Savoy and Honey are making a comeback! New issues will be published in a few weeks.

Our girl Stacie Orrico is up for a Grammy. Yes, you can sing AND keep your clothes on. You go, Stacie!

Although witty and satirical at times, we are not witty and satirical enough to make this one up: there is a new magazine on stands called Fish 'n Grits that is a Hip Hop porn magazine. The first rapper to get in their and bare it all will be Method Man. The next issue will be a double issue featuring Bone Crusher and Fat Joe. Okay, we are kidding about that. Oh, the horror...

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