Thursday, December 11, 2003

Toya's Random Thoughts

There are two people outside of my family that you cannot speak ill of in my house: Toby Mckeehan and Michael Jackson. If anyone speaks ill of either, they are liable to have me get their coat and throw them the heck out. No questions asked, no negotiations. In fact, my hot temperedness on the subject of things that I am most passionate about is probably the main reason why we won't keep a gun in the house.

My main problem with this recent MJ situation is that people seem to be equating eccentricity with perversion. Is Michael strange? Absolutlely. Being strange does not by any means make anyone worthy of the public lynching that Michael Jackson has had to endure for years. People are assuming he did it because they don't understand him. Numerous nose jobs, abnormal skin discoloration, a liking for childish games and eccentric dress does in no way equal child molester. Those factors are what people are basing their opinions on. I don't know Michael Jackson, the same way I don't know Kobe Bryant and OJ Simpson. What I do know is that far too often our society renders people guilty before proven innocent. This is a really sore subject with me, particularly this year as I have seen too many peoples lives torn apart because the truth is not as juicy as speculation. Far too often reporters don't take the time to get all of the facts. I had a reporter for a metropolitan newspaper tell me point blank that the reason reporters don't do well presenting both sides equally is that reporters are lazy. I find this to be both true and false. True in a sense that when a story breaks like MJ's that it is probably much easier to get the facts of the accusing side and publicicze them much quicker because the defending side has to get its side together to refute it and that takes time. However, the statement that reporters are lazy is false because they will wait outside people's houses for hours on end to get a story.

So now it comes out that these allegations are false. According to this memo the charges are unfounded. So now what? Do you think that MJ is off the hook in the public eye? No. Just 10 years ago he was accused of the same thing and the jokes have never stopped and those charges were also unfounded. My thing is this: if someone molested my child, I would not give a damn about the money. I want to see whoever did it either dead or UNDER the jail. You wouldn't be able to buy most parents off. Getting money from someone with millions of dollars does not hurt them in any way. The person who accused him of this 10 years ago settled out of court. Would you let someone who robbed your child of their innocence get away so easily? I know I wouldn't. I wouldn't even want their money.

I love Michael Jackson and I hurt for him. While at times mild mannered in temperament , he seems to be one of the strongest people I have ever seen. I don't know too many people that would not be locked up in an institution over half of the things that have happened to him. Maybe that is another thing that makes him so strange to so many people. No matter what the world has thrown at him, he is still standing. For that he has my utmost respect.

So the other day I see the cover of the new Rolling Stone and it says that Justin Timberlake is the new king of pop. Are you kidding me? One solo record that in my opinion is the best album Michael Jackson never did (Ie Off the Wall 2003), with about 1/4 of the years MJ has had in the game and he is the new king of pop? First of all, let it be said that although fitting, MJ has never declared himself the king of pop. He was dubbed that elsewhere outside his camp and it just stuck. Most people don't know that thus he has had the misperception of being somewhat of a megalomaniac. I do hope that Justin knows that any strange twist of fate can render him the same demise as Michael Jackson and countless other "love them at the moment, hate them next year" artists have had to endure. I am interested in seeing how all this pans out.

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