Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Toya's Favorite CD's of 2003

It's the end of the year so these are my favorite 5 CD's that I bought this year. They did not necessarily all come out this year, but they are my favorites.

1. John Mayer, Heavier Things- I often joke that John Mayer is my best friend. I swear he articulates my feelings to a T. Most of his songs are the soundtrack of my life right next to Switchfoot. This album takes over where Room for Squares left off in that the newness of a quarterlife crisis has worn off and the need to examine where to go from there comes into place. No, there's no solution but not too many of us have that anyway so I am not going to hold it against John for not providing us with one. I also like that whether I am in a great mood or feeling melancholy, this album is always a good idea to have on. Favorite song on CD- "Clarity"
2. Kenna, Sacred Cow- Where has he been all my life? I love this man andI love this record. If you love Depeche Mode and/or just love good innovative music, you will love this. I don't know anyone that doesnt. Great from beginning to end. Favorite song- "Vexed and Glorious"
3. Thicke, A Beautiful World- I waited SIX YEARS for this record. I heard Thicke singing in a hallway one day and I spun around like "Umm, when is your record coming out?" Well it came out to critical acclaim but not much of a mainstream splash. All the same, it's butta. Favorite song- "She's Gangsta"
4. Matt Morris, Unspoken- The best hidden treasure of the year. I have said a ton about this CD already so I will spare you. Props for Jackson Sun for putting our little website in its paper for the review we did on it. Favorite Song- Changes weekly, this week, it's "You Won't Be There"
5. Donnie, The Colored Section- I was apprehensive about this brother at first. The fact that he sounds so much like Donnie Hathaway AND his name is Donnie disturbed me. But this CD is a gem. It is so soulful and spiritual and plainly honest. I can't wait for the next one. Favorite Song- "Cloud"

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